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What's all this now?
Dream from Sunday, October 19, 2008
It was a warm summer day and I was laying on the couch listening to my MP3 player. As I was laying there two elderly folks walked by the front window and were looking inside. I pretended to sleep because I hadn't gotten out of my pajamas yet. They went to the door and knocked quite a few times. I waited for my mom to answer it but she was too busy in the kitchen talking to my sister. After they had left I went into the kitchen and told them what happened. They took no care in the matter and I didn't either so I went back to the couch. Derek was on the love seat which is just adjacent to the couch. He was using my sister's laptop. My MP3 player was running low on battery so I got two cords together so I wouldn't have to move but still be able to reach the laptop. I told him to plug it in and he wouldn't so I sat and waited. It wasn't long before he got up and left murmuring “Take it....” to me as he walked away. So I got up, sat on the love seat with the laptop, and plugged it into the computer. But I had forgotten that I can't use my MP3 player while it charges. As I was sitting there waiting and an ad popped up for a new PC game for download. I don't usually click ads but this one looked like fun. So I downloaded the game and started playing.


In the game I was playing as myself in New York City. I had just started my job as a police officer. In this particular police force there was a lounge where we all sat and talked waiting for some action. When I arrived there were about 5 people, men and women, sitting on the couches. They looked like they could be gangsters but they didn't look very mean, So I sat. Just then Mr. Haynes, one of the music teachers at my school, rushed in and told the crew that there was a criminal to pursue at some place in the city. I was new and didn't know how things worked there so I followed one of the taller guys into a squad car and got in the passenger seat. I watched tensely as we found and chased the man. We were near the rear of about 10 cars that were also in high speed pursuit. The driver of my car suddenly swerved of to the side and went up an incline that was just next to the road. We were at a higher point than the others and we could see the whole scene. The criminal made a sharp turn to the right which led to a street that cut right through our path. The driver told me to “Hold on” right before we dropped down 4 stories and landed directly in front of the car. It was a job well done. I was amazed at how well he executed that move and I exclaimed my excitement the whole ride back to the station. As the week went by we did quite a few things, and in this time crew members began to disappear one by one. On Halloween we dressed in costumes and staked out different areas. But it was fun to scare people as we did it to keep the night alive. That night I met an operative that I had met before, Alycia was also part of the team. She is one of my classmates in school and she can be crazy at times. Then the crew went mini golfing. As we left the station Alycia handed me a string and told me to hold on to it. She began running and I realized the string was attached to her bikini top. I quickly let go and I was glad I did when I was blinded by a white flash and saw a photographer taking a picture of the incident. The top still managed to fall off and I got blamed for it. Mr. Haynes got a hold of the picture and he was yelling at me for it he explained to me a point system in the game: Everyone starts with two points, You can gain them or lose them in various ways. The incident with Alycia caused me to lose a point, If I lose my other point it's game over. Kinda like a second chance system. Mr. Haynes sent me back to finish golfing. I was talking to my friends and they told me that swearing was another thing that made you lose points. The next day there was another car chase and I got to drive. The criminal was heading along the cliff side. I knew there was a street I could take that would get me ahead of the others. I didn't know exactly where it was but I took my chances. I took so many turns went so far I thought I was lost. But my luck turned and I came out in front of the others and the criminal. I plowed the criminal into the guard rail but my car went through the rail and fell off onto a lower part of the city. My car was totaled and my body had turned into a skeleton resembling Jack Skellington. As my soul floated from the car I was given two extra points for my bravery and I fell back into my body. Later that week everyone had come back to the force and even some old people that had quit or been fired came to see and work with me.

The End

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