The World Is Mine!
and ofcourse my friends'

Top of the list: Jarlino
Once my best friend and fellow cosplayer, aswell as crazy nut.
even though not the best looking fellow, he was one of the nicest around.
Sadly cosplaying and elitism drove us apart, ruining a beautiful friendship.
For I mean it when I say, once friend, always friend, he belongs here more then any other..

A Schizoid in Necropolis : Belle
Now here's someone who didn't steal her name.
Even though Belle is the french/italian term for pretty, she sure as hell is the good kind of pretty, not to be associated with the annoying french, She's got an awesome personality and won't back down from a challenge or insult.A graver to the core, her profile will give the inept seizures and make them suffer, oh well, sucks to be you .
This b***h'll beat you down, and watch me, I'mma make her mine.

Puppy cop official: Pup
one crazy a** canine girl that's about as awesome as a doggy can go.
Don't like dogs? Me neither, I ******** hate em.
She's the exception that defines the rule.
A personality as honest as a cutesy kindergarten kid and always on the lookout for friends, pup's all you can wish for in a friend.
She's perverted to boot, but hell, who isn't there days.

Griffin01: Kisa.

Another crazy american girl who's waay to nice to me for her own good.
She's a good looker and has insane boobies of which she's very proud, and who can blame her.
Not exactly the luckiest girl around, and she's not that good with love, so if you're feeling nice, send some love her way.

Fabulous bondage panda: megan
Perversion cramped up in a pretty girl, now pandy's not exactly the easiest around, there's a rumble in the jungle and boy you're gonna get it if you string her the wrong way, when she's in love she'll go to the end, and that kind of determination is just admirable.

Weyr: Crazy South American b*****d.
A first class Roleplayer, and a guy who'll get into anything if you just urge him enough, he's awesome and always up for laughs, if you've got msn and a webcam, and don't mind being a bit ridiculous, you can amuse yourself with him, and idiotic things till you go "******** is that the sun rising?"

Can someone say f*****t?
Well this britfag is the most awesome one around.
Ready to help and ready to listen, and into really anything.
[heck, I once beat this guy in a yu-gi-oh duel over webcam, Geeky and ******** awesome]
He's rad, more then you'll ever be.

Mew: a classy pet
This girly's the recent most pet I've taken under my wings.
She's weary of men, I'm weary of girls, but we're both classy cats.
Long legs and shining fur and mannered to boot.

Viking Metal : jesse
Well ******** me in the a** and scream like you got kicked in the balls.
Jessie's the nothern cold european inhabitant and viking fanatic, like me, long haired trash that won't step aside for a brawl, but ladies, you're ********, cause he's got a boyfriend.