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ii Yamako Yami ii
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OMG [NOOBS!?!?!?]
oh my god like this one chick was getting on my nerves for something they couldn't get i swear she was a freaking nooB i had to add her to talk to her and then i removed her so i can like ignore her she got on my nerves so much going "ples ples pritty ples ples crying crying crying crying crying can i browe it then and give u it back in 3 days or 2 days" i am going oh god learn how to spell ><

well anyway here is "consversation" i guess we had

add in's

hay if u lower the price of the Gothic Veil to 355 all pay u backe later teow the tred ok ples do that

sorry i cant i need the money and i really dont know you i did this before and i just got ripped off so i am sorry

maybe we can do a deal or something like if you have any other items that could equal that much or something >< well and i added you so i could send this

i have the brown bunny hoodeid u can have that and all the rest of my gold ples i have only a littol bit of gold all i have is 373 but i will get u all of it[wtf? what she say?!?!]

are you a noob? i dont even know you
[she should said yes ><; ]

no iam not u maed a frind reqwst wuth me and we can gest toack of a wiol and i will mace the tred and i mint give u some other thngs to mabe[uhhh~ what?? spelling needs some real help any translators?]


1- you cant spell all that well so i have no clue what the hell you are saying


2- i only made a request because i couldnt sent you a message because i wasnt on your friend list i am going to delete you when we are done with this little chat

but i will tell u how to get a playlist and amvs on ur pofiol ples
[<.<; stare (...)]

uhhhhh~ i already know i been on here for more than 2 years i already know everything i need to know about gaia now i am sorry i cant do this and your getting on my nerves i am sorry this is done know i dont want to trade items that are not even worth getting if i wanted it that much i could get it my own i am sorry for everything try to like save money and stuff it will be fine

you will get it someday soon

well now this party is over goodbye

ples ples pritty ples ples crying crying crying crying crying can i browe it then and give u it back in 3 days or 2 days

ok i am going to say this once ok??


[i said this in big red bloody letters i hope she understands]

ok i think i made my point and now if you dont mind i am going to block you now sorry for harsh feelings you are just getting on my nerves i dont know you in anyway, you just pop up out of no where going spelling freaky on me, you just dont do this to people you dont even know ok?

well i dont like the thingy at all so i am sorry goodbye

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