Name : Silva
Age : 17
Height : 5 ' 8 "
Weight : 115 pounds.
Hair : Long, white. Kept in a slightly loose ponytail at the back of his head, with long bangs falling on the sides of his face.
Eyes : Dark Green, speckled with the color of autumn leaves.
Skin Tone : An average pale.
Clothing : Long white scarf, hot pink [VERY BRIGHT. NOT REGULAR PINK. HOT PINK. D<] tights, a thin, formfitting black hoodie, the only design on it is a simple pink heart over the left breast [instead of a pocket]. He's always in a simple white dress, spaghetti straps, with pink ruffles at the bottom, it's formfitting and very slim.
Jewelry : A beaded choker, rainbow, with a matching bracelet.
Piercings : A small rhinestone on his left nostril.
Tattoos : 'Yukio' written many times to form a heart on the inside of his right bicep.
Scars : Three rings of what appears to be barbed wire around his neck, as well as a butterfly scar on his right cheek.
Personality : Silva is extremely immature. He tries to act more his age, sometimes even older, but, in a sense, falls flat on his face. He's jealous, overprotective, and quick to anger. The only thing he holds dear in this life is Yukio, whom he's loved since he was nine, at least. His only passion, only goal, is to keep Yukio safe from harm. He would do anything for Yukio, and has told him more than once that, if it would please him, he would gladly die for Yukio. He jokes, but is more brutally honest than comedic. He never lies, he hates them, and the people who say them. He's quiet, but only because the only person worthy of his voice is Yukio, at least in his own opinion. Rarely will he answer; generally, it's just an annoyed stare, accompanied by either a nod, a shrug, or a shake of his head. He'll answer the teachers, but they pretty much know to ignore him. He rarely shows up to class, but when he does, he gets A's on every assignment.
Other : He's an avid smoker, and, obviously, a cross dresser. 'MEMORYLESS' scribbled down from right under his left ear to his shoulder. Silva blames himself for all harm that befalls Yukio. When Yukio was attacked, Silva tracked down the boys and hospitalized them. He still puts responsibility solely on himself for the 'accident.' He has a British accent.


Name : Yukio
Age : 16
Height : 5 ' 3 "
Weight : 105 pounds.
Hair : Shoulder length, black. Small fauxhawk spikes from crown to front. Bangs fall over his right eye.
Eyes : Lime Green
Skin Tone : Slightly tan, but still generally average.
Piercings : Right side of his lower lip, and the top of his left ear.
Tattoos : Silva's name over his heart in pretty writing, and a butterfly the color of Silva's eyes on his right hip.
Scars : An 'x' over his right eye from an accident he had at thirteen.
Clothing : White and black striped thigh highs, Bomberdogs in white, lining and laces are blue, stop just below his knees [extremely high-top Converse.]. Black 'shota shorts', extremely tight, stop just below his rear. White hoodie, stops at his mid-thigh, lined with black faux-fur, which isn't too poofy, but just enough. A white cami-tank, and black and white striped stockings.
Jewelry : He wears a flash drive around his neck, as well as a silver chain necklace, a silver key with one notch for the charm. [Like a Keyblade, but with a single notch instead of a crown.] Five rings that spell out 'Silva' on his right hand, cuffs on his ears.
Personality : Yukio is the maturer one of the two, so to say. He loves Silva and will put him in front of everyone else. He can be a wicked little devil at times and will make Silva jealous or flustered on purpose. He usually keeps his cool, except in sudden dramatic changes, he will cling to Silva. Yukio's power pretty much all comes from Silva; he accustomed his battles as if he were Silva to the point where he doesn't exactly know what he can do by himself. He isn't sure how he'd live without Silva by his side. He's completely aware of this feeling, that, if Silva actually left, he would probably die from a broken heart. He doesn't know exactly how to express this feeling to Silva. If Silva talks about dying for him, he'll usually with reply with a 'shut up,' because he doesn't even want to think about what he would do without Silva. Yukio doesn't like to lie at all; he'd rather just not say anything. He does fairly average in school, but spends more time on day dreams. At least he has good attendance!
Other : He's a cross dresser, and abnormally good at the piano. At thirteen, after a large argument with Silva (and Silva storming off.), Yukio was attacked. He became the victim of a hate crime, an extremely vicious one at that. The damage was so severe that he's partially blind in his right eye, as well as gaining the scar.