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Pretend it wasn't yours?
Thats what he told me to do,
in case I got caught by the feds.
He told me, and I listened.
But I got caught anyway.

But now, as I sit in the back of their cruzer,
on the hard plastic seats, starring out the window
and watching the world pass by,
I realize how useless that advice was.
In their eyes, I was guilty either way.
Pretend it wasn't yours?
How stupid could I be to beleive him,
when he said that it would work.

I wonder what they think,
as they shove me into my cell.
She's just another criminal,
like all the others.
"But I'm innocent!" I cry.
They don't believe me.
That's what they all say.
And they walk away, without removing my cuffs,
and leave me to repent my actions in silence.
I accept my punishment.
For now, I realize I was guilty of something,
but of what aludes me.
Pretend it wasn't yours?
What a genious backup plan.

Droning and rythmic foot steps come down the melodramatic hall
to echo and fade away infrount of my cell.
The door painfully groans open,
as if it would rather keep me locked inside.
From my solitary corner,
I look up with a tearstained face into theri eyes.
I don't remember much after that,
things blended together.
I was given my one phone call,
and naturally, I called him, hoping for advice.
How stupid, he wasn't there and my one chance was wasted.
How stupid, of coarse he wouldn't answer.
My one phone call, wasted by a fool.

They escorted me back to my cell, my cage.
The corner welcomed me back as if we were old friends.
I sat there, contemplating my actions,
with my arms tightlywrapped around my legs
for what little warmpth they gave.
Ireexamined my cage.
I felt like an animal al the zoo, lionely and confined.
Silently, I appoligised for laughing
and tapping on their cages when I was young.
I felt like an animal, caged and laughed at too.

Mabe I was better off in here.
Preten it wasn't yours?
What useless advice.
What stupid advice.
How could i listen to him?
Pretend it wasn't yours.
Those words will be carved into my mind for an eternity,
as the words that changed my life, and for now,
as the last words I would hear as a free and innocent person.

By Nori-Tsukiko heart

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