Well, well, look who's back? But hey, what is there to do at five in the morning? Nothing. So, why not write what's on my mind? (not much to be honest...)

Christmas is a time for family, fun, laughs, and of course presents. Every little kid dreams of waking up on Chirstmas morning to find santa's gifts under the tree. Whether it be a wii, or a PS3, they always have some thing BIG in mind.

But this year with the economy children may come to find that even santa is feeling the crunch. However, Christmas to me had of course always meant gifts that I would never use, you know, useless JUNK that someone just got because that HAD to get SOME THING!

Which of course gets me thinking. Christmas is no longer about religion or about the SPIRIT of giving, rather, 'I got this for you because I HAD to.'. So really, what's the point? People stress over the holidays trying to by nice things for everyone, not because they want to, but because they're required to do so.

Honestly, to be very truthful, I think Christmas is a waste. It's a waste of time, of money. If we got rid of the whole 'giving' thing and actually spent time with family and paid attention to what Christmas is really about - I think people would be much happier.

But hey, who am I? And trust me, I know that if you get a gift from someone, you feel like you have to give back. I'm guilty of that, and I'm sure everyone else is, but really I feel bad when people spend money to get me things that I know I'll never use.

I'd rather them just not get me anything at all.