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I like oranges.

Stuff about me:
Name: Emily
Nicknames: Honeyman, Batman, Wog, b***h
Birthdate: 03/26/94
Place Of Birth: Somewhere in New York
Zodiac Sign: How should I know?
Ethnic Background: Latino, b***h!
Gender: Female
Siblings: An older brother and a younger brother
Animals: My dog's name is Sparky.
Hair Color: Dark brown
Eye Color: Very dark brown
Height: 5'7"
Weight: I'd rather not say.
Personal Style: I don't think it can be categorized.
Current Location: Somewhere in the lovely state of NY (population 15 million)
Future Location: Alaska

.W H A T. I S. Y O U R. F A V O R I T E.
Color(s): Black, Green, Silver
T.V. Show(s): Supernatural, Danny Phantom
Movie(s): Nightmare Before Christmas, The Dark Knight, The Matrix trilogy
Animal(s): Snakes, monkeys, walruses
Book(s): the Twilight saga, Mediator Series, The Host, Blue Bloods, Cirque Du Freak, etc.
Magazine(s): Game Informer, Seventeen (lol)
Band(s): WAYYY too many to mention
Singer(s): WAYYY too many to mention
Type Of Music: Rock, Metal, Death Metal, Heavy Metal, Rock 'n Roll
State: Florida
Place You Have Been: Disney world!
Store(s): Hot Topic, Target
Food(s): Sushi, Asian food, Ramen, Pickles
Candy: Swedish Fish, Skittles, Reese's Pieces
Fruit Candy Flavor: Lemon and Strawberry.
Pizza Topping: Queso
Department Store: JCP xD
Shoe Brand: Converse, Vans
Make-Up Brand: I dunno, anything from Sephora
Scent/Smell: ummm...fresh air, marijuana, sharpies
Sound: Guitar, Piano
Soup: Ramen, tomato
Non-Alchoholic Drink: Dr. Pepper
Alchoholic Drink: Corona!
Candle Scent: Yuck. Candle scent.
Sport: Volleyball!
Flower: Black Rose
Sit-Down Restaraunt: lol Olive Garden?
Fast-Food Restaraunt: McBurger King
Vacation Spot: Mexico. They have good food.
Clothing Brand: eye dee kay
Thing To Do: Draw, Sing, Sleep, Write, Read, MUSIC
Song Of All Time: So....Hard....*brain explodes*
Weather To Be In: Cloudy
Reality T.V Show: Uh....
Fictional Show: Supernatural!
Type Of Book To Read: TWILIGHT...uh, and thrillers
Type Of Jewlery: edgy but cute. x3
Bathing Suit Style: I swim in my jeans, foo.
Accessory to have: wristband
Gum: Stride, Five (only the blue kind; the rest is s**t)
Candy Bar: Snickers! Milky Way, Reese's Cup...I dunno
Cookie: Snickerdoodles, SUGAR
Lip Gloss Brand: VICTORIA'S SECRET. Oh, and that really yummy one from Bath and Body works.
Lingerie/Underwear Brand: I dunno....o_O
Color To Paint Your Toes: Black
Color To Paint Your Nails: Black
Day of the Week: Friday
Month of the Year: June
Day of the Year: The last day of school
Holiday: Halloween, Christmas, Groundhog day
Season: Fall
Amusement Park To Visit: Cedar Point
Shopping Mall That You Have Been To: Boulevard, Galleria
City: Acapulco

.W H A T. W O U L D. Y O U. C H O O S E.
Cat or a Dog for a pet: Dog
Hotdog,Hamburger,Veggie Burger: Pizza
Small Dogs or Big Dogs: Medium?
Candles or Regular Lighting: Depends on the occasion
Beach or Mountains: Mountains
Soda or Tea: Depends.
Water or Kool-Aid: Water
Veggies or Fruit: Fruit
Pizza or Pasta: Pizza
Fish or Chicken: Chicken...as long as it's not zombie chicken
Lake or Beach: Lake
Swimming Pool or Hot Tub: Hot Tub
Flip Flops or Tennis Shoes: Flip Flops
Shopping or Playing Sports: Depends on Sport
Coffee or Hot Chocolate: Coffee
Getting a Pedicure or a Back Massage: Back Massage
Alchoholic Beverage or Non-Alchoholic: Depends on the occasion
Swimming or Tanning: Swimming
Rain or Snow: Snow
Sunny and Hot or Cloudy and Cold: Cloudy and Cold
Winter or Summer: Fall
Fall or Spring: Fall
Getting Flowers or Chocolates: Flowers
Being too tall or too short: Short...however, that's not the case with me....>.<
Going to the zoo or Going to the park: ZOO!!!
Renting a movie or Going to the movies: Renting
Popcorn or Candy(at the movies): Popcorn (duhh)
Rollar Coaster or Ferris Wheel: Rollar Coasters!!!!!
Going to Starbucks or Baskin Robbins: Starbucks
Rap Music or Alternative Music: Alternate!
Country Music or Pop Music: They both suck.
Comedy Movie or Romance Movie: Comedy
Action Movie or Scary Movie: Scary!
Buy a new DVD or Buy a new CD: CD
Getting Jewlery as a gift or Tickets to see your favorite band play: Tickets!
Dancing or Singing: Both.
Mexican Food or Chinese Food: Damn, this is hard
Italian Food or Japanese Food: Japanese
Not Getting Enough Sleep or Sleeping the Day Away: Not Getting enough sleep
Going out and getting too drunk or Staying at home with nothing to do: depends...
Act in front of an audience or Sing in front of an audience: Sing
Mini Skirt or Short Shorts: Short shorts
Tankini or Bikini: Neither
Wearing all black or Wearing all white: Black
Wedding In a Church or Wedding On the Beach: Church
Serious Relationship or Dating Around: Serious
Cell Phone or Computer as Communication: Computer
Digital Camera or Camcorder: Camera
Eating Too Much or Being Too Hungry: Hungry
Living In the City or The Country: City
Having a Mansion or A Few Small Houses In Different Places: Small houses
Love or Money: Love <3
Lust or Love: Love <3
Having a bunch of kids or Having a bunch of pets: Kids

. W H A T .
Do you want to be/acheive in the future: Artist or Singer. Maybe performer.
Would You Wish For With 3 Wishes: To be happy, to be loved, to have some cool mental power
Is the one thing you would take on a desert island: An escape plan.
City do you most want to visit: Tokyo
Is Your First Thoughts Waking Up: I need to pee.
Are Your Last Thoughts Going to Sleep: I don't know.
Dessert are you most likely to order: Pie
Would you Do with a million dollars: Invest it wisely.
Have You Secretly Always Wanted To Be: A singer.
Would you dress up as if Halloween was today: BATMAN
Is Your Most Memorable Day/Night: I have many.
Do You Do In Your Free Time: Draw, listen/compose/sing music
Animal Would You Like To Be For A Day: a shark or a hawk
Is Your Least Favorite Food: eggplant
Is The One Thing You Regret The Most: I have so many.
Did You Want To Be Growing Up: A police officer
Is You Favorite Childhood Memory: Kicking this one kid in the stomach. xD
Is The One Country You Would Visit: Japan
Is Your Favorite Style of Clothing: Punk/emo/goth
Is Your Least Favorite Style of Clothing: Juicy, Abercrombie
Would You Do Today If You Were Going To Die Tomorrow: Kill myself.

.W H E N.
Did you last see a movie(& what movie): Horton Hears A Who, two days ago
Was The Last Time You Said "I LOVE YOU": No idea.
Was the last time you went shopping(& where): Couple days ago, NYC
Do You want to Die: Not telling. razz
Was the last time you excercised: Er...
Was the last time you got your hair done: Recently.
Was the last time you went to the DR: A while ago.
Was the last time you ate/drank: This morning?
Did you first drink alchohol(if ever): When I was 5.
Was the last time you got your way: I never get my way >.<
Was the last time someone bought you something: Christmas

.W H E R E.
Do you want to get married at: A pretty church
Do you want to go on your honeymoon: Esme Island!
Was your first kiss at: Who would want to kiss me?
Would you go on a first date if it was your choice: Somewhere sweet. <3
Would you go if you HAD to go on a FAMILY vacation: Cedar Point
Do you go when you are upset: My room
Is your favorite place in the world: My room
Do You Buy Most Of your Clothes at: Hot Topic

* * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * *
Just a few things...

I'd like to sex Gerard Way. And Tom Felton. And Edward Cullen.

I am completely and utterly random. Yah, that's right. BEWARE.

And I think that is all. biggrin



What Truth
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What Truth
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  • [12/29/08 05:21pm]
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