Name: Necra Liane Matyr
Race: Shapeshifter-though is one of the undead..She's a vampire..that shapeshifts... 3nodding
Age: 17
Abilities: Shapeshifiting, all of the goodies that come with being a vampire, major magic, and she has a pet that size-shifts as well.
Hobbies: Saving people, then stalking them out of boredom, roaming the earth/planet/galaxy...collecting stamps..not really.
Family: Two brothers and a sister still living, father: unknown, mother:deceased. She also has her little pet, Lanx
History: Born in poverty, its amazing she made it to seventeen. Her mother died from malnourishment and some unknown sickness she wasnt able to fight. Alone, she left the ghetto that had been her home and went to the closest city. A child who was walking across the street to collect a ball he had dropped was about to get run over when she shifted into something fast enough to save him. She has tried to master her powers, but they keep getting stronger, more unstable. She has found that the rest of her family is just like her, but they have been unable to establish contact. She wears a saphire and emrald studded ring, and matching anklet to stop burning from the sun. She doesnt require both, but nobody notices the anklet, so incase the ring is stolen...

Appearance-Wizard. (Max magic defensive power form)
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Appearance-Spellcaster. (Max offensive magic power form)
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Apperance-human (No special qualities, other than tuning her vampirisims down)
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"On the road" look- (Speed is further enhanced. Is also very good for distracting guards...)

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