So, what am I going to complain about now? Well, the topic this evening is time. And perhaps we'll dig a little deeper, but for now...

Time ticks, lives waste away and new ones are brought into play. Wives and Husbands wallow in their loss while others busstle with excitement as the process starts all over.

People live...people die. Excuse the dark outlook, but one cannot help but face the truth. What is more true than that? It's a known fact.

So, skipping onto another topic which still somehow relates with this whole aspect of time. We have all lost someone close to us due to death. At least...most of us have. If you have not, consider yourself very lucky. But after the life is lost, we subconsciously stay away from the words "die" "died" "death" and instead use "passed on" "passed away" "lost". What are we afraid of? Do we not want to accept the truth by saying those words? Or, are they too harsh for people to grasp, for people to use? How long can we possibly skip around this whole aspect of DEATH?!

Looking at the big picture (getting tired of that phrase yet?) we live, we die, and we do a whole lot between the time we're born and the time we die. But really, there are great thinkers, sceintists, travelers, space explorers, inventors. But what were we put on this earth to do? To work our lives away and then when we're near death to FINALLY get to sit back and relax? There has to be a deeper meaning to this thing we call "life". What is our purpose?

What were we put here to do?