Heyy, I'm backk after a cool weekend... I dunno if anybody really wants to hear it but here is what I did when vacationing this weekend!!<3


1. Walk around the townn smile

2. Eat apple pie

Uhh, thats pretty much what we did on Friday...


1. Leenar and Stellar Jeremy came

2. We rented the Boogeyman2 && Journey to the Center of the Earth[3-D]

2. We watched Journey to the Center of the Earth, but it was supposedly 3-D, && it wasn't.

3. Went to see the Charger game at a restraunt

4. Had a toast & stuff.

5. Watched Boogeyman2 and were disgusted of the s** scenes and gore. {F.Y.I. if you like gore and nasty scenes, you would like this movie... things like people getting their hearts cut out & cutting their skin off to get maggots out of their skin... CRAP LiKKE that.

ANYWAYS... I had a funnt weekend even though it doesn't sound like it.... thanks ferr reading this WHOLE thing.