Starting January 2009. Please don't steal. ;D
Organized from newest to oldest.
all commissions starting from May can be found

[Captain Party Pants] (auction, cel chibi, 1600k) 29 May
[plumchan] (auction, trophy couple, 1050k) 24 May
[Kami-Kun] (temp shop, cg couple waistup, 175k) 29 April
[plumchan] (temp shop, cel couple waistup, 175k) 25 April
[Pide Piper] (temp shop, cel chibi, 120(?)k) 23 April
[ou-bo] (auction, cel chibi, 650k) 2 April
[Ch!ps] (auction, CG chibi, 700k) 28 March
[Atrocious] (auction, bust, 1.538mil) 18 Feb
[minjiminji] (cel chibix5, dark halo+ ancient katana+ cloud+ inari's beads 5th gen+ 400k) 2 Feb
[yoshimichi] (CG chibi, Feb 06 + 50k) 29 Jan
[Kilani] (CG chibi, 350k) Jan
[t0shi0] (CG chibi, fallen wish 1st gen) Jan
[King Inversitle] (auction, waist, 1000k) 03 Jan