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"Catch me, im falling."
M'kay people I need your help, whoever is reading this journal entry i need help on a story plot, i already have two peoples story figured out but i need criticism, and ideas. So please help me!!!

Eye-Bright blue, with red flecks..
Skin-White, chalky.
Hair-Black, shaggy.
Zodiac sign-Aries
Side note-Will not kill a woman or child unless it is under dire circumstances.
Neo is a dark shrouded man, who keeps to himself, and even though he has deep pleaser in war and violence he will only do these things if it is necessary. He hates blood, even though he likes to kill he will never stay around to clean up the mess, blood disgusts him. He has never touched, never received or given a hug or kiss, anyone, his twin brother, Cleo, respected Neos space, and let Neo keep to himself. Neo has never physically cared about anyone, until he met her. "Her"name is Ristia. He has never felt the deep compassion and urge to gold and protect anyone the way he does about Ristia.The first time he kissed Ristia it followed with him turning into his demon form because of his sudden rush of emotion. And even then, Ristia didn't run away and call him a freak. She still held him and said everything was going to be ok, that she herself would protect him, and never, ever let anything happen to him. Though all Neo can ever think of is the war that is soon to come, and never thinking of Ristia, she always thinking of him as the best, kindest person in the world, there could be no other perfect person out there, although Cleo, who befriends his brothers love after a while, thinks she deserves much better than him and his thirst for death.

Eye-Bright green, with a black thick outline around the iris.
Skin-porcelain white, rosey cheeks when its cold.
Hair-Blond, almost platinum blond but it still has a little the original blond color.
Zodiac- Gemini
Side note-Has a split personality, is a pyro because of this other half.

Ristia is an overly optimistic, perky, and loyal person when it comes to people she cares about, especially Neo. She has a split personality because when her fire elementalist older sister Relana was dying because of explosion that she accidentally made, she spoke some ancient words a let her soul leave her body and into Ristias. Thus setting her as being a fire elementalist as well. Neo and Ristia met when Ristias fire started getting hard to control and started causing some destruction in a forest near Neos "house" [he never was there, just a place to throw his junk in]. He saved her and possibly other people. After that she was forever grateful and started taking care of him, cooking, cleaning, lighting up the fireplace when it got cold. But as time passed they got feelings for each other. But Neo was so accustomed to hiding all his feeling to save himself the hurt that he could not show her how much he loved her, and usually ignored her. But even so, Ristia still saw him as the most respectful, beautiful, caring person she had ever met, and swore that she would do anything for him, even if it meant dieing, as long as it was for him it was worth it. But she was always utterly clueless to fact that he was in a way using her because she could sense the presence of demons and death bringers, though Im sure even if she knew she wouldn't care.

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commentCommented on: Mon Jan 19, 2009 @ 07:53pm
wellz i think you should add another love intrist, but mix up the two groups of people so that person1 likes person3, but person three has eyes only for person2, but person2 likesperson1, and person4 likes person3. so in the end persons1&2 are together, and person3&4 are together.

commentCommented on: Sat Feb 21, 2009 @ 09:21pm
i don't know wat to say i can't read it

Th3 W1tch D0ct0r
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