Its been a while since I celebrated the Valentine's day lone, I guess I'm kinda grumpy thanks to that, well I broke with Karen so, yeah I'm kinda lonely, although, people did declare to me I'm just not ready to get in another relationship, not if its going to be a relationship with an ending like this one.
Anyways, gomen gomen, I haven't updated the journal for a while hehe, I'm sorry
Well, about anime's mmm there have been some animes that I have found a liking to them, they're good ones, you guys should read them in they have lots of entertaining mangas
This far I've read more than the half of the mangas at the point that they end up with the updates or are the end of the series. So I think I should give you some names, shouldn't I?
For kids lovers you should see Kodomo no Omocha, also known as Kodocha, and you guys should also read Kuroshitsuji
For drama and suspense there's Highschool of Dead, which haven't finished nor updated lately and Doubt, which has 19 chapters this far and is updated monthly
For Shounen and those likes you guys should, well, mostly all of them are nice, specially Yoroshiku Master and Absolute Boyfriend, although there are more of the shounen mangas that are suitable for likings I'm pretty lazy right now and have homework so I should end up with this soon, so, yeah, see you guys in next update, I'll try