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A Little Walk in My Mind
My Journal
The Top 10 Most Randomest Times EVER!
Since it is the 102nd aniversity of my Gaia and my GROOVY journal i decided to celebrate it with.... THE TOP 10 MOST RANDOMEST MOMENTS EVER!!!!!! so...... enjoy.... ^^

1. Me and my friend were outside rollarblading after skool and i had the CD player on wit our fav CD on. Then a bunch of AWSOME rap songs came on and we were being GANGSTERS! it was amazing... but we werent the bad kind.... we were gangster dancers.... so if u drove down my road and saw 3 crazy grils randomly dancing.... on rollarblades... it was probaly us... lol... so if u want u can call me one of the bestest rollarblading-rap dancing-random person.... ^^

2. i was playing in one of my basketall games and when i get mad i start trash-talkin so i got mad at this FaTTy and she was like "get off of me!" and i was like "no..." and ran down the court... on the wayy back i was like "u know basketball is a "contact" sport.." and apparentlly she couldn't think of a good comeback and she was all up in face and said "i ride horses!" and ran across the court and left me speachless..... wit my mouth wide open... weird....

3. i am deathly afraid of butterflys and i was outside wit my friend (same rollarblading buddy^^) and she was like "IM A BUTTERFLY AND IM GONNA KILL U!" and laughed and then i chased after her and she screamed... then a couple minutes later a GIANORMOUS butterfly was flying around my head... well i had a spasm and ran around my yard but then i tripped i was sent flying into the air... well i though it would help (it didn't) so i started flapping my arms and tryed 2 fly.... it didnt work... u know how the story ends.... so i wont go there....

4. i was with my friend Dawling Devvy and we were being like reaalllyyy random and i was like "WATCH OUT FOR THE FLYING APPLESAUCE!" and he was like "*hits in face*" and then "At least its motts..." and i was like "no.. its MussellMans..." and he was like "darnit....."

5. we were in the Aud (thats wat we call our auditorium) and me and my bestie (Krista Beth) were agreeing that rainbow shirts are amazing and we were showing how they were amaz... no... GROOVY.... and then my other bestie (Taylor K.) walks in when Krista said that JB (<<awsome kid EVER!) has many of them. So Taylor K. was like "Has wat?" and Krista was like "Rainbow shirts" and she was like "nice" and i was like "wait.. isn't rainbow the Gay ppl colour?" and she was like "ya..." and i was like "JB IS GAY?!?!" and krista was all "lol-ey" and i was like.. "gay ppl are awsome cause they are always happy..." and so that is why gay ppl are awsome cause they are really nice and they have rainbow shirts... ^^

6. we were in lunch one day and we were being all HYPER and just shouting out andom stuff and i was all like "if u notice that they way u spell diaper it sounds di-aper?! (<said with Ittalian accent) and we now have a inside joke about it.... lol..

OKAY... this isn't really the "TOP 10 MOST RANDOMEST THINGS EVER!" but 6 is a good amout... jeeze... stop being a critizer.... GOSH!
but anyways i hope u liked my TOP 10 MOST RANDOMEST MOMENTS EVER!" ttyl!... (talk to u later..... for those who cant speak txt talk...)


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