Dahlia Doom is a charming woman. She is the epitome of a Gothic beauty. Her hair is sheer black, her flesh is ghostly pale, and her plump, full lips are naturally a bright red. She's tall; elegant, though fairly slim. Her dressing attire most normall consists of contrasting colors to her natural attributes: sharp, deep blacks and crimsons, with hints of scarlet, deep purple, and emerald green. Her thin, slender, and succulent neck is always decorated three conjoining strands of black pearls, a bright, silver bell dangling softly in the center.
They do refer to her as an elegant feline occassionally. She keeps her emotions well hidden, in a mysterious, seductive manner. Long eyelashes curl upwards from her piercing, crystal eyes. Her red lips hide a very pearly smile, perfect teeth. Her canines, though... They attract. They're perfectly sharpened at the points, as if ready to rip through the flesh of anything with great ease.
She is constantly shielded from the harsh rays of the sun. Her dainty hands cling to the ribbon-laced handle of a black, ruffled parasol. She keeps to the fashion of the Gothic and Victorian eras : tight corsets, lace, buttoned glovelettes, shouldered sleeves, fishnet, and thick, layered skirts.
Dahlia is most profoundly the polite person. She speaks rarely, but when she does, it is both startling and flattering. She drinks only tea and red wine, nothing else. Her tastebuds crave for the flavor rich and exquisite, though rarely the exotic.
She acts as if she's stuck in the far past. It is refreshing and slight confusing...
Who would guess she was a very talented and popular rock star...?