Only that damned child could get away with this.Hell,she's the only one I'd let get away with this.Of course,complaining about something that I have no control over won't help anyone at all.Kuro-sama will pay for Kai,even if I'm the one who makes him pay. ~Cain MacCail
"Cain-sama!"a young Kai ran through the small apartment,pink cheeked and out of breath."Cain-sama,are you here?"she tripped over a large black boot,falling flat on her stomach."Who in the-Oh!That's where you are Cain-sama!"a bright smile spread on her face,obviously the sight of his captivity with his own wires not faising her one bit.
A muffled yell erupted from the bound scientist,obviously not amused.He quickly kicked off his left shoe,it smacking her on the top of the head.
"Ohewy!Kuro-sama!"a childish wimper echoed through the hallway."Kuro-sama!Electric Slide-chan is being mean to me again!"
"What did he do now?"a shadow apeared over her,the frown on his face hidden.As he herd the sobs,he sighed and picked the adopted child off the floor."Calm down and tell me what's wrong."
"He-he hit me on the head with a shoe!"she rubbed her damp,pink cheeks with a black sleeve from her long dress.
"You ever think he did it because he's bound and gaged?"the Shaded Death chuckled lightly,letting Kai stand back on the floor and started to slowly untangle the wires that kept his young travelling partner alive and immobile."That any better?"his thin lips formed a perfect smile as Cain's face contorted in anger.
"Kai,it's all our fault!"he grabbed the child by her collar,not paying her gardian a bit of attention."If ye weren' wit us,ei wouldn' haf ta worrie 'bout gettin' tied up lik dat!"his thin arm started to twitch as it pulled back to throw her into the wall,only to be stopped by a slim hand grabbing his wrist.
"Alright Cain,we can see you're pissed.Doesn't mean you have to take it out on the little one,"Kuro gave his wrist a slight squeeze,making the cyborg wince."Drop her."
"Fine,"Cain released her dress,watching with a satisfied look as she landed on her backside.

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