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My journal telling you stuff.
This girl, Sonam, who's in my math class thinks that either me or my friend Akhila like this guy Joseph. She used to think it was Akhila but I already know that Akhila doesn't like Joseph. xD And now she thinks it's me...which is true.
I like him, but I don't need her telling anyone, haha. But I trust her...I guess. I've known her since the 4th grade or somewhere around there. My friend Danielle knows that I like him and she teases me about it, which was kind of expected coming from her, haha. But hey, it slipped out. ^^; My other friend Kajal knows but doesn't bother me about it, that is, as long as I don't bother her about her crush on Robert Pattinson, which is sometimes tempting. lmao Maria and Joyce [my best friends] know about it, how would they not? And so does Melissa, who also teases me about it, but she does that to Joyce and Maria about their crushes too. lol Akhila obviously knows about it, I think she was the first one I told actually, I trust her a lot. But I trust Maria and Joyce just as much. And the rest of my friends don't know about it, and I'd like to keep it like that. 7 people know, and as long as it doesn't get passed on to Joseph, I'm okay. ;D But if Sakshi, Xanadu, or Survani find out, there's no point in trying to stop them. -.- Loudest and most annoying girls I know... stare I already know Morgan, Elina, Sakshi, Survani, and maybe a few more people (?) like Joseph, besides me. But do they like him because of his looks? -.- Or because of his personality? :] I remember I used to hate Joseph last year, he was such an a**. rolleyes But I always told him off. It wasn't me he bothered though, it was always one of my friends or something. He made fun of Akhila a lot, until I told him to stfu I don't know how many times. But this year, [today actually] Akhila told me that in french class he actually stuck up for her or something like that. I was like, "Whaaa?" They were watching a french movie, which my class is also watching, and Marie didn't get any of the questions on the worksheet. Akhila had already filled some of them out, so then Marie said, "Even he knows how to do it!" And Joseph said, "First of all, she's a she. Second of all, you got the answer wrong." According to Akhila, he stuck up for her. So...has he changed? Let's just hope for the best. ;]

EDIT: Wrong. Idk what was going through my mind then, but I was right before. ~He's still an a**~ :]

EDITx2: He's still an a**, but he can also be nice when he wants to be.

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