had a horific day . . not at first tho every thing was fine i woke up to my friend savannah and hannah talking wile eating there cereall .. i turned to the sound of there clinking spoon and the bowl and we saand watch mindless tv . . . thats when savannahs dad called .. savy popped up and answerd

savy; hello
dan;hey do you girls want to go to ming ten?
savy; ya sounds fun ;
dan; ok be read y when i get there
savy; ok see ya '

and so we we all went . . including savannahs sister alex when we got there alewx told us about a canival that wass ocuring down town next to the mall . . and so her dad promist he would take us after he finished his food and then worked on a web sight . .. we all agreed to go to . . and so we drove back to savannahs house and wiated for dan to be done working . . .it wasn tlong before he siad that we could go .

as we pulled up to the parking lot full of rides and what not we ran to the ticket boot wich we got ower tickets at . . .and boght 20 $ wrist bands at and weran of to a the 1st ride we saw . . the tilt a worl .. . . as we span around in circulse i thought mabe i would get sick at the nd of the day . . remembering th last time i went i vomited after geting of this ride . . . but i decided i would ride all the rides. . . this was a horific idea . . i cant belive i didnt vomit after the last ride i went on the last ride . . . witch was . . .buh buh buh... the gravitton witch i am sher you have all seen the room that spin so fast that you fly to the walls and dont even need to stand with no seat belts . . . the pressure it put on my stomimic and throught mad me gag even worse . . . but i was odly having lots of fun. . . but once i got of gravity . .. and reality hit me that i thought i was going to die .. . i walked back to the car me and hannah leaning agianst each other . . . well atemting i was caring most of the wiat . . . the car ride was horific to i could feel my stumic bouncing up and down wevery time a car hit a bump . . . once we got to savannahs house i bolted out of the car and in to her house when the aroma of her moms cooking filled my nose . . .it would have smelt good exsept for the fact i felt like i was going to hurl . . .i sprinted a jogg to the bath room . . . fallowing after us was my dearest friend hannah who kicke dme out of the bathroom . . . and i didnt feel like arguing so i let her in and i shrugged myself into the hallway and layed on the cool floor wiating for her to come out ... then savannahs mom walked up the steps and told me to go out side and she held out a hand witch hand 3 cracker . . .if she really thought i wanted to move or eat right then and there i dont no what she was thinking . but i reluctantly took the crackerd and mopped my way out the door to the back porch and sat on the only char with a pading on it and gave the crake to her dog . . and then i never felt better . .so i went inside to met the same aroma that mad me want to puke . . . but i kepted it down i walked to savannahs room and layed on her large bed hannah was sudenly there holding out a package of crackers . . . the same ones that her mom gave . .. me i asked if they helped . .. sje siad a heck of all lot so i chocked down the crakers one bye one and then sudenly i sat up and felt fine and now hear me hannah and savannah sit on her large a** bed on lab tops wrighting about ower suckish exsperance