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My Hacks! =)
oh snaapp its nancee
Kso Nancy here, and as sum of u peepsles kno, im Jenny's *cough* bestest *cough* sister and we luv each other oh sooo muchh!! whee It all started way back on July 21, 1995 and i was in the hopital and-haha jkk, im not gunna explain how we met cuz, im sure u kno...and if u dont, then wow, just WOW!!! Anyway...this gurl is da best, she's always there 4 u and understands and helps w. all my needs, and boii, do i have a lot of needs! lol jkk im not tht much of a needy person mrgreen Yeh so, my life is goin great & my sis has a big part in it 3nodding She's also one of the nicest, giving-est, honest-est (heehee), and smartest person u'll ever meet EVER!!!! Dang it! its gettin lengthy & i can just go on and on a- bi-bi!! lol
12/25/08-Nancy <33
^^ohh its Christmas!!!

dayumm its kiki xD
Jenny's been hacked!!
And guessed who it is?
Yeeeehhh that's right. It's Kiki cool
lol. well i got abunch to say bout this girl here
buh ima keep it short and not lengthy xd
She is like my bestest buddeh [& cuz] ;]
we tell each other everything and we go thru alot
whn i say alot i mean alot rofl
we are bipolar
we are random
we are nerds
we are dorks [for life xd ]
we are idiots xd heh heh
and so on lol.
i could list alot. but i'm not goin to
I blab bout alottah stuf... like right now.
She probably hates me lol. look at this hack
long already. hmmm... maybe coz i keep entering.
well i dont think anyone wants to read a hack thts like a paragraph long.
too boring. tryna spice things up a bit xd
yeh i like that smiley xd its awesome :]
lol. omg this is supposed to be bout jenny auugh goin off topic xd
...again stare hah hah rofl biggrin
well um. can't think of what else to say bout her.
um. maybe i'll some more stuff bout her later. xd
well thn thats it later peeps
[whoa. eek that was long. sweatdrop ]

oh noes its alexis xD
Oh noes! It's Alexis hacking my cousin's profile. =O Let's get started with the hack shall we?? C= This is like one of the funniest members of the family. >w< When she comes over, we have soo much fun! xDD I can't believe that she doesn't live in my state. gonk You're soo far away. gonk But oh well ... I can always see her ... once in awhile? xD Well anyways, she's a great person to be around with her humor. =3 I'm mostly never bored around this person. x3 I don't want this to be long so I'm gonna stop it here. xDD Oh & Jenny don't forget ... Tony is the purple pimp. xDD Ily. <3
1/17/09 - Alexis x3

ahhh vu!!
yo yo yo *coughs* I think I'm gettin old anyways ur gettin hacked by Gummy Bear Vu. Hmmm...lets see what I can say about this girl. This girl was so normal the first time I talked to her but after a while she started gettin a little weird XD. lol that snow convo was like our best convo ever even though all of my plans failed. Its the good kind of weirdness though and this girls freakin smart with her gpa of 4.0. OMG, she's smarter than me!!! sad This girl is nice but don't ever take her kindness for granted or else I'll get ya like the boogeyman :O We're good friends and if u ever mess with her u mess with me yo smile
Vu was here and now its time to go do some DDR XD
12/25/08-Vu Truong xp

omg its jen
Yo!It gottah be Jen >.< And im hackin my older cuz Jenny shes very nice and she has good ideas also shes good at Guitar Hero! you can ask her quistions and she will answer back somtimes you tell her somthing very funny like somthing about my baby sister lolz thats it for now >.< no one mess wit her And i mean no ONE >.<
1/16/09 - Jen <3

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