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The Nightmare Box chapter 1
Master’s Journal entry 125:

This is far worse than I thought. The nightmare box, thought to be a portal to the netherworld, actually leads to the dark realm. My pupils have made a dire mistake upon creating this… it was all my doing, I told them to. If anyone finds this journal, be warned that it’s only a matter of time before this infernal thing is found, and the demon lord breaks through my seal. It must be destroyed at all costs!

Chapter 1
The trip
It was 1:10 in the afternoon and the students at Lamberton high school were loading up on the buses for a field trip to the local museum. The large yellow buses were all filled with chaos. On the busses there was all kind of chaos from kids shouting at each other to kids throwing paper balls and airplanes at each other. The last few students got on and the doors closed. The buses started moving slowly.
On bus number twelve in the sixth seat, sat Danielle and next to her, her best friend Hikaru. Neither of them was sure what to expect of the museum, nobody was. Everyone just thought it would just be some boring trip where they would follow a guide and listen to the facts they told them. Even though Hikaru and Danielle were best friends they rarely ever talked. They became friends when Hikaru first came to the school, and they ended up with five classes together. Hikaru is calm and care-free most of the time but if something happens that he doesn’t know about he can become a slight worry-freak. Danielle on the other hand is always calm and always carefree, she likes for unknown things to happen because it makes life more entertaining.
The bus stopped, and soon after everyone on it turned they’re head either to the left or the right to look out the windows. The doors on the bus opened and everyone clambered through them, pushing and shoving. Everyone was sorted into groups of twenty and their eventually were thirty-three groups. When everyone in group three was out they were greeted by the museum guide. He was young, tall and thin, with brown hair and a fake smile. His uniform looked new, all of the colors were bright and every button on his jacket was seen. He waved and talked to a few of the teachers before talking to the students.
“Hi there everyone, welcome to the Lamberton museum, I’m Seth and I’ll be your tour guide for today. Now, how about we take a look inside?” he said still smiling. Everyone gathered behind him and followed him wherever he took them. They were right about the trip, it was boring. After stopping many times finally Danielle saw something that interested her. It was a strange box with an alchemy circle on it. Danielle raised her hand, and soon after was called on by Seth. She pointed to the box and everyone looked at it.
“Excuse me, but I would like to know why a lunchbox is in a museum.”
Seth’s smile seemed to fade a bit as he spoke.

“That box was created by scientists in Laverton. It is said to be a portal to the netherworld. No one is sure because the scientists strangely disappeared after it was created. Now don’t you even think about opening it because it is shut tight and has a padlock on it.”
“So why is it in a museum and isn’t that dangerous?” Danielle asked wanting to no more.
“It might be the first portal to the netherworld and it is something very important. Well there is a padlock on it so it shouldn’t be a problem. ” Seth said as his smile came crawling back. Seth began leading the rest of the group away but Danielle stayed behind. She managed to sneak away when nobody was looking. She walked towards the box when suddenly someone grabbed her arm.
“You know Danielle; I really don’t think that you should mess with that box.” Said Hikaru from behind.
“Why not, are you scared that it’s going to send us to the dark realm?” Danielle said in a teasing tone.
“Well, kind of…not really” Hikaru said quietly. Danielle gave a small chuckle and then walked towards the lock. She pulled a hair pin out of her pocket and placed it gently in the lock. She started to turn the pin left and right slowly trying to get the lock open.
“Well, I guess the demons are finally returning home.” Said Harvey from behind. Hikaru turned around to see Harvey chuckling softly.
“Ha ha very funny, you slay me with your jokes.” Hikaru retorted.
“Hey don’t blame me; after all I thought you were in a family of demons.” Harvey said and laughed. Out of nowhere Hikaru rushed at Harvey and slammed him into a wall.
“Hey, don’t talk about my family like that.” Hikaru said staring Harvey deep into the eyes. Harvey quickly pushed Hikaru off of him.
“I’ll talk about your family from hell whenever I want to!” Harvey yelled. Danielle turned around and watched Hikaru and Harvey. She had never seen Hikaru act like that and she was curious to know what would happen. Hikaru stood staring at Harvey and didn’t say anything or move at all, he was like a statue. Then the next thing everybody knew, Hikaru socked Harvey in the cheek. Harvey swung at Hikaru but Hikaru quickly caught Harvey’s fist in his hand. Hikaru then head butted Harvey. Harvey fell over and Hikaru jumped on top of him and started to punch. Harvey managed to roll himself over on top of Hikaru and get up. Harvey kicked Hikaru a few times before he got up.
Danielle watched the two fight; she didn’t know what to do.
“Please stop fighting” she said under her breath.
Harvey got angry and grabbed a painting near them and swung it at Hikaru. Hikaru quickly ducked, making Harvey swing and hit the glass case over a famous painting. Hikaru grabbed the painting and ripped it from Harvey’s hands. Hikaru hit Harvey a few more times as his nose started bleeding. Harvey was angrier than ever and grabbed a shard of glass and tried to stab Hikaru. Danielle quickly started to pick the lock again, she almost had it open. Hikaru fell to the ground and Harvey was descending down upon him. Right when Harvey was about to stab Hikaru, Hikaru grabbed a shard of glass behind him and quickly held it in front of him. A massive yell was heard as the box flung open.
“Got it!” Danielle yelled as the box flung open. The lights went out, followed by a colossal vortex opened up and lit the room. Everything was being sucked up. Danielle quickly grabbed on to a nearby pole. Hikaru got up with blood all over his white jacket. He tried to make his way to Danielle while avoiding being sucked up. The pole Danielle was holding broke off the wall and flew towards the vortex. Danielle screamed as she got sucked into the vortex.
“Danielle, no!” Hikaru yelled as he ran into the vortex. Soon, the vortex grew and engulfed the entire museum, followed by the entire state of Padarak.

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