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i hate ur ******** guts u b***h u messed up my whole person on gaia i felt like i wanna to quit it took me awalie tyo make a nother account cuz how hurt and sad i was that i got hacked. OMFG! i hate U xXgrunnyxX10 I WISH I COULD COME TO UR HOUSE AND SCREW U UP BAD. U b***h a** TALE..
*sigh* _-_ -_-
this is the story how i got hacked and how i felt when i got hacked.....

we'll i was in rally hanging out as usual . and i went to towns. and when i went to towns i saw that my avi was naked. so then i went to avi and clicked my gaia then i clicked avatar. and i re dressed up. then i longed out for a while(Witch i shouldn't had done i shoulda changed my pass but i didn't no i was being hacked) and then when i tryed to log back in it wouldn't let me so i tryed and tryed and then i put the puzzle together i was being hacked. and so i told my parents.and my mom said that i should report the guy. and so i did.(if u wonder how i went on my bros account) then gaia reponed and said.what was the guys name. and i been put in the report the guys name. but i reopened back saying his name was xXgrunnyxX10.and ever sense then i hadent got a respond back. i was waiting and waiting and waiting for 2 weeks i waited. and still no responds.so then i waited a few more days. still no responds.then i went on my brothers account and typed in my user. then i looked on my pro and saw i was a cow.(if any of my friends was wondering y i was a cow) so then for sure i new so one was on my account.then a few days alter i looked on my pro again and saw all my friends were erased accept one.and then i decided to make a new account. (cuz ovisly gaia wasn't ganna respond back anytime soon)so then i made a new account and left a comment on my old account saying that i got hacked this is no longer my account.DO NOT leave a comment on this profile cuz i will NOT get it. and so then i pm all my close friends. and let them no i had got hacked. (and if u wondering what my old user was it was just belletbien but i had to add 2 to it cuz it said the name was already taken so i added a 2.)but ever sense that day. i feel sad empty hopeless left out. i fill like i wasted my whole time on gaia for nothing.and half the time i hadent made a account cuz i was thinking should i make a new account or should i not. cuz i was scared if i did make a new account then this would happen again.but then i thought about all my great friends i made on here and that i shouldn't leave them behind. so the only reason i made another account is for my friends so i hope u all r grateful.(sigh) but ill never ever forget my old account and all the great friends i had on there. and m house my car. my fish my pro. my dream avi. every thing i ever did was on that avi. and now its all wasted. so hacker have fun on my account(sigh) cuz i no i did =[.bye people..(Sigh) leave comments =[

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Community Member

Sat Apr 18, 2009 @ 01:08am

well umm atleast u came back o.-

Community Member

Thu Apr 23, 2009 @ 09:12pm

yeay for you coming back 3nodding xp

Community Member

Wed May 20, 2009 @ 11:52pm

You go Bell i don't care what nobody say that is awazing

x - - Dying Inside
Community Member

Thu Aug 20, 2009 @ 07:42pm

ty guys for the support!

Community Member

Fri Dec 18, 2009 @ 02:24am

AWWW! Bella! D; I am so sorry! :[

x - - Dying Inside
Community Member

Fri Dec 18, 2009 @ 02:27am

heart it's ok Alexis...some people are just dumb asses (: heart

p.s..thankies so much though!

User Comments: [8]
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