For future reference.

The Book of Secrets (which is really a scroll, but let's not get technical)
--It takes place in a small citystate called Euratum. It is ruled by an oppressive religious figure, known as the High Wisdom. His members of The Order of the Secret of God (also called the Secret Order), specifically the Paladins, patrol the city and keep the citizens in check.
There are a few out-lying villages, which are ruled by Wisdoms, more members of the Secret Order.
Surrounding the villages and the city is a large mountain range, called the Kaylan Mountains. They are riddled with caves and extensive caverns, where the mountain men live. They do not accept the Nameless God as the one true god, choosing instead to stick to their pagan religion. Because of this, the High Wisdom declared their existence illegal.
You are probably wondering when we are getting to the part about the scroll (and also probably thinking wouldn't this be better in a book?). Well, I am getting there. So, anyway, blah blah boring history, now for the interesting plot.
So, there is this magic scroll that filled with godly power. The High Wisdom wants it for himself , because he is obviously a corrupt and power craving individual (or else it wouldn't be that interesting). So he sends a group of paladins to go get it from the Kaylan mountains (since it is rumored to be hidden in a cave, and guarded by danger and scary monsters, of course). But one of the paladins has a loose tongue, and he mentioned the quest at a tavern. So now a whole bunch of adventurers, con men, and poor people are looking for the scroll to make their fortune.
Meanwhile, the pagan barbarians prepare to attack the city with the help of their own magical gods who give them nifty powers.
Yep, I think it is more book material.

Anyway, here is another one.
A group of scientists working in Antarctica discover and accidentally release a deadly alien virus. It was from another planet, and it was lying dormant for who knows how long, but then the scientists accidentally released it, and now it is turning people into zombies. You know, I think I might have heard about this somewhere. That wasn't me. Well, anyhow, I think this one is better than the last.