just to let chyall no, i dun like the guy in the last entry

sooo much has happened since my last entry...all of this wek (4-20 thru 4-24-09) one thing, CAT 6 TESTING Ugh terrible things. I think i scored higher on english than math. If it were the other way around that would b weird... eek
ANYWAY, my 6th grader friend asked me out on wed. and i confessed my love to one of my 7th grade friends on mon. so, i turned my 6th grade friend thurs. I've been getting out of school @ 12:50 since tue, but friday was a normal friday. like, normal fri schedule. i havent gotten 2 friday actually today is thurs (4-23-09). blaugh and sooomuch has happened

the guy i confessed to loves me back and i know that he is gonna ask me out tomorrow (friday) I KNOW IT!!! if he doesnt then...i'll have to....im not that good at confrontations tho... whee i love him soo frikkin much! mrgreen ive also been usin my pool finally. enough about that, even tho the guy i like is shorter than me, it'll kinda look weird, but its gona b fine. except that all of my friends keep on tesing me and pretty much, all of the 7th grade wil soon no about us!!!! AUUUGH!!!!!!!!! sad mad emo but it will b fine. Miyumi Uchiha (aka xXDeadly Sasuke LoverXx before), my bff in real life, said that we would b together fer 5 years. im like: is that how long it will b until we could get married?! she said: yup! I said: AAAH! SHUT UP! [even tho im real happy!!!!] 4laugh heart