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Seishuku Sakka `
Chapter Two of Dahlia Doom
My life began many years ago. I should be, in every sense of the word, dead. I suppose in a way, I am. My human body passed about three centuries ago, at least. My features, though, have been enhanced. I am better in every way.

Even as a mortal I had a fair appearance. I was sought after by a few men, yes, but the second a conversation began, I lost my nerve. I was shy; extremely timid...pathetic. I wished for a way out. A way to be something more...

Then, as I was pacing the foggy streets of London, parasol in hand, moonlight shining through the even grayer clouds, I met him. We were on a bridge; small, misused, and taken for granted. I felt like I had something in common with it.

The man was tall, far more so than I. He was dressed in a plush scarlet overcoat, the gold of the buttons reflecting what little star light there was. His slender legs seemed to continue on forever in the loose, yet somehow perfect, fitting of his black trousers. A pocket watch revealed only its chain -- sparkling silver, dangling gently against the ebony of his vest. His shirt, which barely peeked out from beneath the rest of his attire, was blood red, and his necktie was a sharp black.

He was the most attractive man I had ever lain my eyes upon. His auburn hair was perfectly tied back with a thick leather string, and his round glasses highlighted his high cheek bones. Emerald eyes sparkled from behind the silver frames. A smile crept across his lips as I approached, his pale skin reflecting the moonlight in a way I had never thought possible.

His hand, large and gloved in what I thought could only be the best fabric, lifted his cane as he stepped near me. I wanted to stay, but felt my legs attempting to pull me away. They failed. He grew closer and closer until I could see directly into his face.

"Good evening, miss," he swept down in a very formal, low bow. My heart nearly stopped.

"Good evening, sir," my voice was the polar opposite of his; high pitched and shaky. He spoke so calmly, his voice pouring over my entire body, coating me in its warmth. He was everything I wanted to be...

"What is a young lady such as yourself doing out here at this time of night?" The smile lay plastered on his perfect face. I couldn't help but finding myself wanting him with every inch of my being. I felt a power in him I had never before felt, and I wanted it.

"I frequently take walks through here, sir," I stood as firm as I could, finally steadying my voice, even slightly. Maybe I was breaking out from my shell?

"In the middle of the night? It's quite dangerous you know. London is built on criminals and thrives on the vulgar," he cocked an eyebrow, as if to tease me, or, maybe to tell me he was part of the vulgarity that gave my town its strange energy? I'll have time to ponder this later. For now, I was in a trance.

"They do not bother me," I blatantly lied to his face. Hopefully he wouldn't know. "I also enjoy the moonlight. It casts a light on the town that I find to be the most beautiful thing in the world."

"You're a bold woman, miss."

"Pardon me?"

"You are not only speaking to a stranger whose name has not yet been revealed, you have neither introduced yourself nor have you formally greeted me. On top of this silly etiquette, you have failed to realize the danger in your actions tonight," with this, he swept forward, and appeared to be floating. He had frozen me in place, and was going to attack. I felt it in my core. I would be his prey.

He no such thing. He merely flew through me... Right through my body... It didn't cause me pain, but it paralyzed me further. My entire body went cold and tingled in a way I had never felt. It was an amazing sensation.

"Meet me here tomorrow night, darling Dahlia," he stepped down the bridge effortlessly and silent.

"I never gave you my name!" The world went black. I felt my head detaching from my body. What did he do to me...? I must see him again, this beauty of the night...

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