That's all I've seen for the last three days.I don't know why,but I'm getting sick and ********' tired of hearing it bouncing of the roof of my shack.
Come to think of it,it's been a couple of days since my dog was around too,but I'm guessing he's smarter than he looks and decided I'm the wrong person to piss off when my arthritis is acting up.
That woman that usually stops by for her visits quit coming when the rain started up.I think it's because she has a youngin' to take care of,but maybe it's because it doesn't take much to piss me off nowwa days.
s**t,there's something scratching at my door.Most likely the neighbor's cat again.I hate that stupid creature.It always decides to mess with me on the wrong days.I guess I get to kill it today.
Maybe I can enjoy the rain after all.
Excert from General Nemura's Private Journal

Whatcha think?I may update this later and tell you what was really happening,or describe him...but only if I get a few comments from people saying that it needs to be done.Good bye!!!