That's it,the rain is pissing me off.Every time I think it's going to stop,it starts back up again,twice as hard!I doubt that it'll ever end!!
The ********' thunder shakes the whole damn building,scaring the dog and me further out of our wits.He ended up jumping in my lap and I was too scared to tell him to get down.Ain't that a b***h?I'm a celebrated General and I'm afraid of thunder.Boy,if the guys knew this back when my squad was still alive,they'd have laughed 'til they pissed themselves.I guess I deserve it.
Since I doubt highly I'll have my mind about me many more days in this weather,I want to personally say I'm sorry to everyone.Especially Kyuna Kitsu Nemura.You were my inspiration and I let you go for the military.I wish now that I would have rethought the whole thing.If I did,I'd still have you here in my arms every night and never have to worry about dying alone.
Now that I'm about to hit one hundred-three years old,I think my time has come to lay down and die happily.I doubt highly that I could die happily though.I have done too much to regret and wish to fix to die happily.
I shall leave you with this thought:If I were to die today,how would you remember me?Most likely through this journal.Good night all.
Journal of General Nemura