Surprise!Surprise!There was no rain today!
I feel much better now,no more aches and pains.The dog and I even went for a walk down the road into the village.No one out,and absolutely nothing went wrong.
Now,anyone reading this may think I'm an antisocial old man that just wants to be left alone to die.They would be correct.I hate it when people stop by my home unannounced and uninvited.I like a little warning so I can leave before they get there.
On a much happier note,seeing as there aren't many of those in my life,I went and saw the young woman today.She and her young boy,I think his name was Cain,were doing much better.It turns out,though,she had triplets.They are Amergin,Cain and Lane.They are all little warriors,though I cannot count them as samurai.They were originally from Alba,or Scotland,and moved here after her husband was killed.How tragic.
They all wanted to know about my scars.Youngsters these days.Always butting their little noses into another man's past.But at least they didn't ask the number one question I hate to hear,"Are you married Gramps?"
As anyone who really knows me is well aware of,I am not married.I tried to get along with women long enough to marry,and they ended up breaking me in ways I never knew were possible.I'll never make that mistake again!
When me and the dog were on our way home,I noticed he looks more like an okami in the sunlight.I guess he maybe part,but I'm not too sure.Either way,he's a good old boy.I believe his name is Raiji.
Passage from General Nemura's Journal