The gods must hate me.I made plans with the boys to show them how to fish today,and then there was a thunder storm.We ended up staying in my home and I taught them some hand-to-hand skills.They seemed to enjoy it.They even promised to come by every time there is a storm and learn more offensive and defensive strategies.I think I like the rain a little more now.
Raiji has been curled up at the foot of my bed all day and hasn't moved.Amergin thinks he maybe sick,but the other two said he isn't.I think I'll listen to Amergin.He seems to know alot about medical procedures.
The person has shown up again,this time closer to my home.I brought my old katana out of the back room this morning.I need to sharpen it and see if I can have it fixed.There are small cracks in the blade where I forgot to clean it as a young soldier.I miss those days.The times where I was right in the middle of bloody battles and there was almost no one that could stop me.The days where I felt nearly invincible and free.Now I'm held down my my age and medical problems,but I'm still happy.I get to tell a new generation about samurai and how the battles were.I get to see young faces light up at every gory detail and every curious eye gleam at every gruesome death.
The boys loved seeing me and Raiji practicing some of our old moves.I popped a hip,but Amergin said it was nothing to worry about.It was only the result of sitting around and never getting out of my home except on my rare visits to the market.
Which reminds me,the next sunny day I need to stock back up.I'm running low on food and medical supplies.
Passage from General Nemura's Journal

Damn,this story is making me feel old!!!