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My Life Of Randomness.
Just a little place where I write things that happen in my life in or out of gaia,that I think is worth announcing.
I'm agunna blab about my day today. :3
I got up.
I got ready for school,eating a breakfast consisting of Lucky Charms(Least filling cereal in the world),and orang juice. :3
Went to school,hung out with buds in the cafeteria before school started,goofing around as always.
Went to first period,watched a movie,took 7 out of the assigned 30 notes. >3
Went to second period (Yay,gym,:3)
Played kick ball. I actually didn't completely sucks like yesterday. 8D
Went to third period.Math. So-so. Had to quickly copy down a couple problems that I missed on the homework from my friend before the teacher saw. xD
Went to lunch. NOMNOMNOM.
Ate pizza,a cookie, and a little carton of apple juice. :3
Got yelled at again by the meany butt security guard for horse playing. 3<
Went to studyHall,and drew pictures. :3
Went to fifth period,substitute today. Nobody behaived,got on my nerves.
Went to sixth period. Did a packet thing,had free time the rest of the period. Teacher not feeling well.
Went to seventh period. Band. My friend,Nick,a fellow band geek, kept pulling this hilarious face during a song and made me laugh. xD >8 (
Went to the library,helped with a 700+ piece puzzle.
Went home.
Ate dinner.
Went on the computer.
Typed this. 8 )

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Community Member

Mon Jun 22, 2009 @ 09:44pm

idk.im random

cheese_whine dramallama wahmbulance wink evil twisted mad surprised sad mrgreen rofl 4laugh cool sweatdrop blaugh stressed xp redface 3nodding lol arrow mrgreen burning_eyes ninja cry heart heart blaugh razz razz razz eek eek eek surprised surprised wink sad eek cool twisted neutral neutral whee evil twisted sad

Community Member

Thu Jul 02, 2009 @ 10:01am

sounds like a kick-a** day biggrin

User Comments: [2]
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