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DJ Twissta
Community Member
am I losing interest in Gaia?
Lately I've been pretty busy in RL with so many different things, and old challenges!
heck I'm even gonna see If I can try to learn to swim in less then a week! XD
mainly to go to hurricane harbor to meet up with a girl who lives in the same town as me and hang with her :3 plus it looks like it'll be fun! thinking about it makes me nervous though xD she's really interesting cause I've never met up with someone with the same type behavior as me xD after the show last weekend...could of been the weekend after...yeah the weekend after last, wow it's been a week already after the show o-o I"m taking more of a break from acting to focus on Schoolwork.
mothers day was awesome! we took her out to a italian restraunt that had awesome food *_* and I sent her my own little letter, along with a funny vid on the "mom song"
mom song: http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=A0ZpuA8_YYk&feature=channel_page
aand looks like I ran out of time! xD gotta finish up some work,
sorry for not making alot of journal entries @_@
The main thing that's been keeping me on Gaia is that hug quest, along with
friends xD overall that's about it, I stopped buying MC's everymonth alooooong time ago, and I stopped collecting every EI after I donated them to a bud who deserved it :3 and I have never regretted donating anything as of late :3
so I'm mainly wondering if I'll be on Gaia , on my 17th birthday
( on October 9th! ) xD
well otaaays that's about all there is I has to saaay!
Wish me luck on learning how to swim and facing so many new challenges!
( I'm thinking of getting out of homeschooling and going to the highschool so if you have any advice PLEASE DO NO HESSITATE TO PM ME! XD )
(never been homeschooled me whole life, only for two years )

God Bless and Take care ( if you don't believe in God, or believe in more then one god or a different god then you can always take the latter if this confuzzles you anymore then it just did me XDD )

ilu gaaaiz!

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Saga Takashi
Community Member

Mon May 11, 2009 @ 03:40pm

Good luck to you!
That is a big step back into schooling.
There is much pressure, so please take care of yourself when learning with others. Education is important and do not let others get in the way of it!
If you take a long leave from Gaia, there will be many that miss you and that will always be thinking of you. So don't forget to pop back by and say hello.
and good luck with the girl.

DJ Twissta
Community Member

Mon May 11, 2009 @ 03:43pm

thankyou! Maybe later on I'll tell the story of the girl and how many challenges I had to face before I even got the chance to talk to her @_@
but it's not like I've never went to public school :3
I was in public school my whole life till 8th grade, but around that time I was facing
my own problems, so it's just a thing of forgiving myself, and trying to move on , and think rationally :3

User Comments: [2]
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