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KaiKai wuz hur!!!!!
Bwahaha!!!!I'm gauwnna beea writtin sturff hur.
I know my journal has been rather blank over the last few weeks.I've been so tired from trying to teach the boys that I always fall asleep before I can write a thing.I always end up passing out in the front room,not even making it back to my own room.I think that Raiji enjoys watching me fall over.
Also,the boys have shown great interest in weaponry.They enjoy trying to swing a katana right.They think it's really fun to try and hack away the trees in the yard.I think that it's cute-I mean,very funny.
We've been trying hand-to-hand styles that the Scottish people may use.They have progressed well.I think they maybe able to teach me a few things about their people that I could have never learned without their help.I know I could have never known how to speak Gaelic if it weren't for these three boys.I think of them as my own,actually.But don't tell them that.They may demand better treatment if they think they can get out of me.
I'm going to bed in a little while.I'm just watching the rain again...
The person that use to show up has come closer and closer with each passing night,but they never come close enough for me to see their face.I believe it maybe my mother,but I highly doubt that.She was supposedly burned at the stake when I was a young lad.My father was a very happy man when she was,but it didn't really last that long.He was killed in the war a few days later.I think it was my fault,but I really don't want to go in to that story.It still hurts....

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Kaze Odoriko
Community Member
commentCommented on: Fri May 29, 2009 @ 03:02pm
Hehe I love you story's little foxx >w<

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