I've been thinking lately. Shocker I know. The school year is almost over and it's almost time for everyone to go on summer break. Now this may seem weird, but I've always seen it as a way for me to take a break from everything. So, I normally don't hang out with friends much. I know, weird. But lets be honest, my summer break is really busy. I normally take a trip to Cali which lasts at least a week if not more. Haha, this is the time that I pick up hot surfer dudes. Oooooh baby! Along with other trips and art classes and the gym and everything else that I do. Whatever.

But anyway, it makes me wonder if friendship is really anything. If it's not maintained it's just like anything else. So, even if someone is your friend, what does that mean? Let me give you a personal example. My best friend in elementary school, Cecilia Cravens, and I were inseperable! And then, I went off to middle school and she stayed at my old school and we never saw each other again! ??? I know right. I mean don't get me wrong, I love my friends. But sometimes I think that having 'friends' just means you have somewhere to belong.