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i hate ur ******** guts u b***h u messed up my whole person on gaia i felt like i wanna to quit it took me awalie tyo make a nother account cuz how hurt and sad i was that i got hacked. OMFG! i hate U xXgrunnyxX10 I WISH I COULD COME TO UR HOUSE AND SCREW U UP BAD. U b***h a** TALE..
*sigh* _-_ -_-
~the thing i hate in life~

the thing i hate the most in life is bratty people who think that there specialer then every one else in this god for satin world.and they think that just becuz there rich or special or smart or have better cloths then every body i mean COME ON! wtf is with people like that? every one is special in there own way. but in every state or city or country theres always a bratty lil girl or boy. that think there better then everybody. when really they have a messed life becuz there parents are to busy to spend time with them. ha-ha!lol!so those ******** special ones who are rich think there popular think there the boss of people guess what UR NOT! so give it a rest.everyone in this world is special not just u so get a life and stop acting like spoiled lil kids.becuz every one hates u.and ur unloved but the people who are normal smart caring happy are the ones who r loved. yeah we may have r problems but at lest were a better person.other then u ur a spoiled lil brat whos unloved and hatted and ur so called gang girls who stick by ur side there playing U duh wake up and see the light there hanging around u for stuff like popularity even no u just think ur popular. becuz in the real; world ur just a normal kid so wake up and stop trying to be better then every one else becuz guess what UR NOT!.....

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Dinos Go Meow
Community Member

Sat May 23, 2009 @ 02:21am

GOOD JOB! Those betchez do need to be taught a ******** lesson and stop acting like theyre the fweakin shet

x - - Dying Inside
Community Member

Thu Aug 20, 2009 @ 07:41pm

ty! ^^ some one has a brain.

User Comments: [4]
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