REAL LIFE!!!!!!!

You aren't going to see many of these,but this is what's been happening recently:

My aunt has been in a comma for about a month.She found out she has stage four cancer not too long before that.She came out of it last week,but we all know she doesn't have long.

My stepmum was home last weekend and finally left today.-_-She's a cross-country truck driver and she's friggin' huge!!!!Me and her hate each other,but my Dad can't divorce her because if he did I'd have to go live with someone else.

My dad's band is going to be on the radio tomorrow night at 8pm (our time) and is going to play at least three songs.My dad's pretty cool,although sometimes he gets on my last freakin' nerve.Me and him kid around alot and like to wrestle and try to hurt each other.

My dog,Sandy,had a really bad case of the fleas,but we shaved her and now she doesn't have that many...But she looks really funny.My stepmum's dad left her to us after he passed away,so that's the only reason I get to have a dog.

I'm going to my mum's house in 26 days.That's right,you guys only have 26 more days to talk to me before I won't be on...probably.I don't know if I get to bring my laptop yet.If I do,I'll be on at night.If not,you guys could come and visit me in Bell Haven,North Carolina :'D

I've been thinking for a while,and I believe that I need to get off line for one day.Sign in just long enough to feed my fish,then go find something else to do for the rest of the day.Oo,I can go pack my bags for Mum's house and have that out of the way :'D Or I can go play with my rat-dog!!!!Or have Meizu come and stay at my house!!!!!Yeay possibilities!!!I'm gonna ask Meizu-chan when she gets online then I'm gonna call Da' and ask really nicely and start laundry back 8D