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The haunted diary.
This will be my own haunted lil diary, I never really write much in diaries, mostly I write when something really bad happens to me, but I also like writing novels in my diary, with spooky themes that is x3 I love writing horrorstories.
The comic
Ugh I haven't written here for a couple of days... well.. um.. my sister is a pain in the a** as always, and I'm working on a new comic! Which I will put up here once I'm done and have a scanner stare Which I do not have... yet! Um what can I say about it?
Well it is about two of my neopets, my kougras Chino and Valerix. They are out walking and says that it'll be nice to finally go home, but then one of Tru's minions pop up and hands them a letter saying they have to pick up a package and only have two hours to get back home, funny, they are in Neopia Central and have to get over the ocean to get to Mystery Island in two hours, hm tricky. Things get worse as someone is following them and more minions pop up with new tasks! One of them saying they have to go to the Lost Desert! The heat in the desert is horrifying and poor Chino still has his wintercoat! (actually he is from Terror Mountain so his fur is always thick.. O.o)
Anyway, I hope I can keep up the work, at least I'll have something to do all summer. And Chino is staring to feel followed, maybe they will notice the stalker before it's too late. And I actually feel sorry for the stalker if Chino finds him.. -.- You see Chino is a lil like Wolverine from X-men, his skeleton is made of a superstrong metal and his claws are like Wolverines.. (they dont look like his since he is a big tiger, so he has normal, but stronger claws) And he has x-ray vision, but he can't see living being -.- only through objects. His tail is worse, people tend to stay far away from it and when he cross water he has to hold it over the surface, why? Cuz it's static! His tail is electrified.
Hell I can write a story about him here... or somewhere else here on Gaia...
Anyway.. I'm out.

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