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You may think you're all that and a bag of chips. well i'm all that and a bag of skittles so taste the rainbow b***h!
My Story!

In life, we are all presented with choices. Some are frivolous, like picking what shirt to wear in the morning, who to add as a myspace friend, and even what movie to pick on a Saturday night with your friends. But, some choices are a matter of life and death. Like whether to stand up to the tanks in Tinnaman Square, saying “Yes, I do believe in God.”, when a gun is pointed to your head, or picking which way to go when you get lost in a cave. My twin sister and I are, at this very moment, stuck with a life or death choice. Do we try to outrun the thousand-year-old vampires chasing us, or do we fight? Can we die valiantly without fear? We need help. Now. But all we have is each other…

That night felt as if black velvet had been draped over the night sky. It was hot and muggy. Water would have been like the cure for super cancer. Life saving. But we had none. Rose and I were walking in the park, trying to find our way out of the woods after our hike. We didn’t have a flashlight, but thank God for the full moon. At least we had some light. Even if it was slivers of it here and there.
“ Tonight is soooo hot. I wish we had planned ahead and packed some water and food. I’m pretty much starving. I guess it could be worse though, there could be a storm or something.” Rose said. She coughed. It was dry and wheezy and I felt really bad that there was no water for her.
“ Yeah, you’re right. It could be worse. We’re almost to the car now. I can’t see very well, but I feel the pavement beneath me. Do you feel it too?” I asked, tapping my foot along, feeling for cracks.
I felt a chill run up my spine, stopping at my neck, then running back down again. There was a whisper in the air and I could hear it. Understand it. Feel it. And it was calling me, Screaming at me to keep going forward. Luring me in with it’s sweet sing-song voice.
“ Hey, Ronnie!”, Rose yelled. It echoed in my ears, telling my subconscious to wake and focus on reality. “ This isn’t the parking lot. It’s a cave. We really messed up don’t you think? Mental note, add flashlight to the list of things needed next time we go hiking. Hey, are you okay?” Rose was talking a mile-a-minute. It was comforting and it made me want to zip my lips and not tell her of the weird only-seen-in-movies experience I had just experienced. But something was nagging at me to tell her until it was forced out of my mouth like puke when I have the flu. The words began to flow and I couldn’t do anything to stop it.
“ Rose. Did you feel that just now? The wind was talking. Literally talking! It felt like it was telling me something; dragging me forward. Pulling me in with it’s eerie grasp. It was creepy and mesmerizing! I want to come back tomorrow; so will you come with me?” I asked, walking out of the cave somewhat dazed. “ And yes, we really did mess up. I don’t know how but we did. We are such freaks! Remember the time I was semi-dyslexic and read ‘Virginia Ham’ as ‘virgin turkey’? that was really funny.”
“ Yes! Sacrifice the bird!” Rose laughed.
I was trying to distract myself from what had just happened to me. It seemed to work because it soon took Rose and I down memory lane. We laughed our way through the woods and eventually to a path we recognized. I’ve practically lived in this seemingly endless playground and being able to see a path that I know every part to really puts my mind at ease.
“ I know this path up and down. Like the back of my hand and this path, dear sister, goes, I’m assuming, north for about one-fourth of a mile, directly to the parking lot. We will be there in no time, sis! It’s sort of like a mini adventure. I can hear the old-time announcer shouting the title ‘ The Adventures of Rose and Ronnie, Wonder Twins. Trek to the Parking Lot.’ Can’t you hear it Rose?”
“ Actually, Ronnie, if I begin to hear old-time announcers shouting everything I do, I would be a little worried. Uhhh, maybe you should be too. Hey have you ever been doing anything then suddenly you think of a song that could go along with it? Like right now, I am thinking of that one Pocahontas song that goes like this, ‘ Have you ever heard the wolf cry to the blue corn moon?’. For some reason the full moon makes me think of that song. How about you, Ronnie?” Rose was a little bit of a freak. Actually, to be honest, I am too. We are two peas in a pod. We are pretty much the best of friends. The people at school consider us the freaks because we wear the clothes that we do and that we think differently. Nobody really talks to us. I’m not trying to make us a sob story. We actually aren’t. I consider everyone else’s life a sob story because they are so devoted to their looks and their popularity that they won’t take the time to talk to someone outside of their friend circle. Rose is very pretty, in my opinion, and she is very smart-when she wants to be-and she is really funny too. She is a great friend to anyone. I think that I am not bad looking. I think that I am pretty and funny. I also know as a fact that I am smart at least.
“Uhhh, the song that comes to mind is, uhhh, Second chance by Shinedown.” I replied. I was kinda panicked and didn’t know what to say. It was one the more recent songs I put on my iPod.
“Why do you pick that one?”
“I don’t know. Maybe that’s not the one I meant.”
“Whoa there Sally! I was just wondering, no need to get freakish and paranoid.”
“Please forgive me. I was just thinking about school and kinda panicked about picking a song. The song has a part that says ‘Even the man in the moon disappeared somewhere in the stratosphere’. Or something like that.” I replied with sincerety in my voice. “I really didn’t mean to freak out on you.”
“Nah it’s cool. I know what you mean. When I think of school and all of the people there I get really mad. Like all the posers and people like that gay kid that causes most of our problems. He thinks that he is so much better than all of us. You know what the funny thing is, people can’t stand him cuz he’s such a liar! I love to laugh at that f*****t! Not that it’s wrong to be gay. I don’t care if someone is or isn’t but it’s just him that I hate as a person.” Rose replied. She had a sneer in her voice and I knew he said something to her today.
“Rose, I can tell that he had something to you today. I can also tell that it was either hurtful or really funny. Which one is it?” I love hearing stuff to make me angry at people. I feel so much better. I do know that it’s bad to spread rumors about people, but revenge is so sweet, and according to our parents, Rose and I were born without hearts or have black holes filled with rock and ice where our hearts should be. It’s pretty interesting in my opinion.
“Dillan said that he likes a girl!” Rose said. The moon caught the sparkles in her eyes, and filled the dimples in her cheeks.
“No way! He is such a liar! That’s so funny! It’s probably RuPaul or something. I don’t believe him for one second. He is totally busted, that dumb donkey!”

that is what I have done so far. Please leave a comment or send a message or something if you have read this. I would love to hear your opinions and some of the criticisim that you would give me. It won't hurt my feelings in the end it makes me a better writer! Thank you!
Ronnie A.K.A Batty!

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