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i have to be he luckiest person in the world (for a few reasons and one major reason) yet..... im freaking so not happy and i should be but.....life sucks (and then you die). thats the freaking moto i live for.

i just sometimes wish i could curl up in a corner and die from the pain (that ur face is causeing me) oooohhhhhh buuuuurrrrrrnnnnn (like that bacon i tried to cook on sunday) its my saying i made it up steal it and i will kill you.

im so freaking bored. obviously. this whole thing is noncense. idk how to spell that word but ya,,

anyone whos in west verginia and is supposed to be in michigan i freaking miss you so freaking much!!!!! <3

miami! maimi! yea i have that song stuck in my head taking back sunday is a freaking awestomerific band like seriously. so is every other band listed on my about me thing. not like anyone ever cared enough to read it except probably winki, anders, and ryan. but really who cares bout anything anymore.

no one exactly.....

why doesnt glue stick to the inside of a bottle? no i will not take a scientific answer. i hate science. give me the stoopidest answer you can think of. but of course no one reads these things that i write i just type for my health. ya know? it makes me type faster for when im iming people on facebook.

so by the time you've read this you've already read this....just remember that ok? those are some logical,,,,, knowligable words.....TOTALLAY!

plz donate

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commentCommented on: Sun Jun 21, 2009 @ 01:08am
there are heat sensors inside of the bottle and it melts the glue, that's why very very very old glue dries up cuz the sensors ran out of uber-vixen mega batteries.

commentCommented on: Sun Jun 21, 2009 @ 01:44am
I Read It Lol i always get the only song i like by PATD stuck in my head

Simon Belmont175
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