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Paigey's Jouuurnal owo
...Uhm... look at my ******** crazy love life// normal life? o.e Are you like... a *****? D:
Paigey Says.~

~Ryan : Ryan is the most amazing person I have ever met. He's hilarious and sweet. He's Ocd, and extremely weird. He loves weird jokes, and kinky sex jokes. xD He spends loads of time on Second Life, and whether he likes it or not, he's the sweetest person I know. He has issues with walking around in boxers and shoes, but we all love him anyway. He's my best friend, and my love. <33

~Paul : Paul is awesome. xD I can't tell you his username.. because I'm not suppose to. o: He has a thing for bondage, and glasses. xDD He's sweet and funny, always one for a hug, but, he is not innocent. Paul has this issue with muttering things under his breath on the phone, and taking a lot of things the wrong way. xDD We love you... Hoe. <3 Oh! And! He is completely lovable. ;3

~Danneh : Danneh is... my weird a** friend. Haven't actually known him long. xDD He was one of those random adds. He's the Creeper Snowman Hoe of mine. xDD Danneh is hilarious. He can basically turn everything into something.. weird. And has fought Ryan about who loves me more often, jokingly, of course. He's my crazy, insane new best friend... who really needs to get high speed internet. Love ya. xDD

~Rin : Rin is awesooooooooomme. xDD She has this very southern Georgian accent that I love. xDD She's fun to talk to on the phone, and she's veerry funny. She's the only person I know that laughs at every crap a** joke I make. <333 Love ya Rin. :B

~Sora : You have been my friend, for like, hours. xD And yet, I already love you. Your my twin who's years older. And my clone... or maybe I'm your clone. But still, your awesome, and I LOVE YOU. D< So.. yah... <333

~Mitchie :
Oh mah god. Were to start. Mitchie is the sweetest, funniest, most awesome girl I have ever met. <33 Well, she ties with Sora and Rin anyway. <33 She likes Yaoi and heavy metal... and... love. o w o; You can't resist the power of secksy. D< Love ya, kid. ;D

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