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Paigey's Jouuurnal owo
...Uhm... look at my ******** crazy love life// normal life? o.e Are you like... a *****? D:

Comments About Paigey.

Edgar Says:
Kimz: One of the most unique people you can ever meet on gaia, and yet one of the nicest (yes nicest kimz-ter), she has been my friend for god knows how long...a year to be exact, shes funny, perverted in her own funny way, kind, and has one of the biggest hearts you can find in any person, Im truly blessed to know and call kimmy a true and kind friend of mines never will I want to lose her friendship that means so much to me.

Rin Says:
Paige : Whoo~ She's funny. I like talking on the phone with her. She has a foul mouth. She's very caring ... and nice. [DON'T DENY IT. D<] She likes to chase blonde haired, gold diggin reanimated corpses. She also likes the way I talk. We were friends, then grew apart. We met again and are closer than ever. Much love, Paige. <3

Amanda Says (About me and my Bro):
Theos and Paige: You two and I have gone through so much, and even though we're not as close as we used to be, I still treasure the kind of people that you guys are. (: Knowing you provided me the best time of my life, and I will treasure both of you forever. :] Please stay as sweet and clever as you are, it'd be a shame for the world to lose two people like yourselves. (:

Mitchie Says:
Paige: You'll never be able to find another person like her. She's funny, kind, sweet, and devious all rolled into one package. She can always find something to talk about even if life is looking down. I'll always laugh at all of her pervertedness, but then again, we are all perverts on the inside, just some of us have more then others, hell I should know. XD Anyway, you mess with her and I sware you'll be dead by the end of nightfall!

Danneh Says :

[ More comments for Paigey? D: ]

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