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Some stuff.
Blind Girl (A story written by me)

Blind Girl

I can't see but I can hear, when I hear I imagen what i am listening to, but when I imagen I can't see anything. I always wondered why me? Why did god have to choose me? My parents say it's because he loves me. I don't belive that because I don't think that if god loved me he would make me blind. If he does love me he would let me see things like everyone else in my family. Jessica why aren't you here yet? it was June 13th 2007 and it is my friends sixteenth birthday today. Hold on mom I'm coming. Well hurry dear or you'll be late for the party. My name is Jessica I am sixteen years old and my life is a zoo, I go to a normal school like any other teenager and kid in the world just because I am blind doesn't mean I can't be a normal teenage girl. I have been blind sense I was seven years old no one really knows what made me blind I guess it's a mystery and will remain one untill someone figures it out that is. Jessica come on! I'm coming mom! You only have six minutes before the party starts now come. Ever sense I went blind my parents have been there for me 24/7 and yes even in the washroom. Have a nice day sweetie I'll pick you up later. Bye mom. As I walk up to Sarah's house I could hear her saying my name. She sounded excited, really really excited. I ran up to her and we huged for a very long time. Me and Sarah have known eachother for eight years, me and Sarah act exactly like sisters. That very day of her birthday was the day she had got shot, it scared me half to death. Sense that day it has been three years. I still go to her grave on June thridteenth every year and leave a birthday card behind. I have never been so unhappy. Untill today when a mirical happend I was happy again! They had found a cure for my eyes so I could see again! Right now I am waiting still blind but from a bandage this time. Well I was laying in the hostpitle bed listening to the docter speak to my parents 30 days he says, untill she can take the bandage off and see again. 30 day's have passed and I am laying under a big oak tree thinking how beautiful it is. It's so cool to see again I almost miss being blind.


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