hello children of gaiaonline. i am back...FOR MORE FUN!
i like different songs from aar now:
1. Fallin' Apart
2. Another Heart Calls
3. Breakin'
4. The Wind Blows
5. Believe
6. I Wanna
and practically the rest of their album: When the World Comes Down. whee ANYway, my brother and i have been recently re-watching naruto. literally, since like the written test of the chuunin exams. 3nodding i have also finally changed my profile. hope ya like it ~.^ also, at sea camp in san diego, i went to sea world. and on my first ride on a roller coaster. yeah i know, 12 and not on a single rollercoaster. the ride was called:
Journey to Atlantis
my friends and i got soaked and it was sooo fun! FRIKKIN AWESOME PEOPLE!!!!!~ rofl but i just turned 13 at the end of june (june 29) so yes i am now 13... eek
i have also been drawing characters (manga - japanese drawings of characters) very well lately. but my specialty is drawing anime (manga at least) girls and not guys. I AIN'T LEZZ FER ALL OF YA' 2 NOOOOO...! that's all i gotta say fer now k? ^^ c ya'~ dramallama