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The haunted diary.
This will be my own haunted lil diary, I never really write much in diaries, mostly I write when something really bad happens to me, but I also like writing novels in my diary, with spooky themes that is x3 I love writing horrorstories.
It's been awhile...
Hmm I think I should like.. write something here.. my story? A horrorstory? More complaining?? Heck that's all I do.. Maybe a horror story... NO! I um... hm.. I dunno.. my story is being worked on.. But my pal Chino(my OC) is rolling on... *grins* And his story is quite horrorfying at some parts.. ALRIGHT! Here's part one of that big cat's story! Ps: this story is for his page on neopets, so kougra is like a tiger.

Chapter 1 - Birth and rejection.

I was born many many years ago in a pretty large family. My mother, Shizuka, was a beautiful faerie kougra. He coat was a pretty lavendar color while her markings were soft gold. Her eyes were as blue as the sky, and she was the fairiest of tham all. My father was a big island kougra, he had many scars from many recent battles. Other males wanted my mother but father was the strongest one of them all. They were a strong-bonded couple and never left eachothers sides.
Anyways, one spring my mother came into labour. She gave birth to four healthy and big cubs, and then I came. My birth really shocked my father. He looked at my siblings, they were either island, faerie or both and they were all full of markings, then he looked back at me. My fur was as pure and white as newfallen snow and the only markings I had were the wavey stripes by my eyes from mother and the goatbeard from my father. My red eyes made things worse and father started to call me demon.
As said father was furious and told mother that I was a freak of nature and had to be desposit of. But mother refused. She knew very well that weaker cubs were always abandoned, she had experienced it herself, when her little sister had been left behind during an attack on her family. Therefore mother made me her favorite, she swore that nothing would never happen to me, how utherly wrong a parent can be.
Months past and all of us cubs grew, but I didn't grew as fast, I remained to be the smallest and weakest one of our group.
Now, you may know that many neopets are able to turn into anthros, well my family is no exception. They could all turn into anthros.. except for me, I was lacking yet another common power and this made father despice me even more. Mother always comforted me and said that I was just special and that one day I'd make something that would really impress on father.
As we got older things got worse.. Kuro, my oldest brother started to bully me alot. He always took father's side and called me a freak. He used to take out his anger on me more than the others and he was pretty strong even at such a tender age. Father didn't stop him, he encourage him and kept it all a secret from mother. Later on all my siblings bullied me: Kuro, Tsuki, Cherry and Moonflower. Kuro was the only physhical bully but the others were vocal and called me horrible names which I wish not to mention..
Mother kept on comforting me, telling me that they would stop as we got older. But I wouldn't grow up with my family. One night during the forth winter I had experienced so far, my father woke me up. He took me out in the forest and didn't say a word as we walked. Until we came to the river.
"Daddy?" "Don't dare calling me daddy you lil runt!" his voice was harsh and it totally knocked me off my paws. "You have been around long enough. You are a freak! An albino! You do not deserve being alive! I wish you had never been born and I never want to see you again. Now get out of my sight and never come back!!" he finished his sentence with a mighty and terrifying roar, and I got the message. I quickly got to my feet again and fled.
I didn't come that far however. Just a little further into the woods on the other side of the river I ran into a trap. A net flung over my small body and I yelped as I was swung up in a tree.
I cried out for help, but no one came, not father, not even mother...
I was completely alone, high up in a tree and stuck in a net. But not for long, for something was making noises in the bushes below me, and the sight made the fur on my neck stand as I had never seen anything like it...

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