Here I will list donators starting today [July 17, 2009.] If I remember past ones then I'll list 'em too.
Thank you so much to every one of you that have donated to me, I'm forever grateful for all your kindness and generosity. heart
Those who donated in Gift-Giving threads are not included because it's so hard to keep track of all of them. Thank you so much to all the kind souls I've met in those threads heart

behide his painted smile: The Nightmare, Elegant White Satin Corset, Wild Things, My Friend Cupid, Demonic Anklets, Magical Girl, Bacon Bits, GO Phone, and Smashing Cities heart

lovegrudge: 11.5k heart Thanks for the all random donations, love!

Zeo Sychros X: Angelic Lace, Holy Gauntlets, Thank-You Letter For July 2009, Angel Imp Plushie, Sibyl's Incantation, and Divided Stars heart

SweetCherry63: 101k and a bunch of stuff heart

Butter Blond: Cherry Blossom, Satin Hairbow, Thank-You Letter for May 2009, Cupcake, and 30k heart

The_Anti_Fangirl: 20k heart

The Blue Spirit: Autumn Glory heart

The Q to all As: 11k heart

The_Anti_Fangirl: 20k heart

The Orange Blossom: 5k heart

mrossim: 46k heart

Im your Gummybear: Mythrill Halo, 164k, and a BUNCH of other stuff heart