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VampPet7 Notebook!
In my Journal I will be completely random!
STORY 3nodding :

Lucky Charm
In the middle of winter, I was still in the rectangular cardboard box. I was made last week, and a brand new kind too. I am size eleven, and my colors where midnight black, and snow white. My kind was very popular, but somehow I was still in the store.
By early April a woman with light brown hair, and really tan skin bought me. She looked like she was in her early forties or late thirties. By that I knew that she was going to send me to her son. The ride was long and I could not see much from the little hole of the box. A few minutes later we were in front of a house, which was pasty, with the doors, windows, and the garage door ginger.
The inside of the house was in extremely neat, and amazedly cool. When you enter everything is in an old Japanese and Chinese style, The Kitchen is modern, but the ones that you see in a Hollywood house design by professionals. The Dining Room is style just like the Kitchen. The Living Room was awesome, made me feel like I was in Africa. The room is decorated excellently that it’s impossible not to want the room for your own. The mother started to walk up the brown spiral stairs. At first I thought she was going to stop in the second floor, but she kept going up until we stop at the Attic.

The Attic was pretty big, and the style was skater with punk and rocker kind. The room had a small living room in the middle of the room with a plasma TV. The far right corner was a half circle, with the wall as a big window. There was also a king size round bed that fit perfectly against the wall. In the other right corner there was a walk-in closet, while at the far left corner there was a bathroom which was being used by my soon to be owner.
“Shane, can you hurry up in there! I got something to show you,” sang the mother with happiness in her eyes.
From the bathroom door a strong, but light voice shouted, “I am kind of busy using the toilet right know, if you haven’t notice.”
“I don’t care you get your butt out here right now!”

“I bought you something form DVS.”

The door opened so fast that I thought it was going to break. “What did you buy me?” Questioned a light, yet dark long shaggy brunette hair guy, with tight black jeans, and neon green Vans. He had no shirt on, so you could see his built, yet small muscles. He was really skinny, but had enough meat on him to not make him look anorexic. His height was about “5’9, and had a perfectly looking face with sky blue eyes to match.

Looking at him made something in me click, and I realize that this guy, I mean Shane, was from now on my owner.
“I bought you a Lucky Charm,” answered his mom.
“Ma, that it’s sick! I mean awesome! You are the best!” sang Shane with the same happiness in his eyes like his moms.
“Here take it, “ sighed his mom while handing me over to Shane, “I got to do you and Rikku’s dirty dishes.”
“ Ah! Come on Ma they are not that bad,” lied Shane.
“For you, yeah caused you don’t have to do them!”
“Sorry Ma, but my hands are not good with that.”
“Spoiled little brat,” muttered his mom while she went down stairs.
When is mom was out of view, Shane opens the box and asked, “Hey Lucky Charm, ready to do some skateboarding?”
It was raining like crazy, and I was in a terrible mood, of course Shane notices which got us in this conversation.
“Come on Luc, its not that bad,” pleaded Shane.
Ha! Have you seen how muddy it is, and I sure as hell not going to be bathing in that. Shane could still see how mad I was.
“Come on, man it’s not that far away. The house is only half a mile away from here. Besides it’s not going to be that bad. You know you have been through worst.”

Why did we have to come to the stake park in a nasty day like this? However, when he said that I knew he meant the time that we where hiking in south entrance to the Grand Canyon National Park, which is very close to are home town Tusayan. While we were hiking my shoelaces got stuck in a branch that unfortunately was very thick. Shane didn’t notice so he kept walking which made my shoelaces break, and now they are tied up to keep them together. Also one of my aglets is missing, and the shoelaces look really worn out. He also means the time that he was running from the cops because he graffiti, “JOKER” on the 1:00 A.M. train. The bottom of me couldn’t take the running so it got worn out and rip in the bottom back from a nail in the train tracks. Certainly he also means the time he got Rikku very mad, he was making fun of her new anime Goth style dress, so Rikku, his little sister, scratch the inside back of me to make a small hole. Out of all this I new something, Shane was with all his heart sorry for me.
Remembering all of that made me sight, and let Shane run with me to cross the small distance from the skate park and on to his backyard to his house. When we got inside his mom was waiting with a smiled on her beautiful face.
“Luc gave you a harm time huh?” Giggled mom.
“Yeah, he was being girly,” replied Shane while I glared at him.
“Don’t be so hard on him. I mean who would want to bath in the mud?”
“A dude.”
“Whatever you say, now give me Luc it’s time for his bath,” giggled mom.
“Nah, he is not getting a bath from now on,” replied Shane while mom look at him confused, “It’s his punishment for getting me soaking wet.”
“Ah poor Luc! Well now I can go to sleep.” Sang mom while going up the stairs, “Night boys!”
I can’t believe it! I have to sleep muddy and dirty for the rest of my life, and knowing Shane he is not going to let mom bath me behind his back again. I looked up at Shane while he looked at me with a smirk covering his face.
“Don’t be like that Luc, you know that it’s time mom stop treating you like a baby.” But I just turn around and went to sleep knowing that when we wake up we are not going to remember the fight.
The next morning hell broke loose. Dad, who looks just like Shane only older, with black hair and green eyes. Was mad that I was making a mess in the carpet with mud. Shane said that I don’t make messes. While Dad tells Shane to stop lying to his face, that it’s not just the mud, but also the smell of pond scum. Dad also said that it was time to throw me away. Shane put me on his feet, and took his skateboard while leaving the house.
I knew Shane was mad, but I still made him stop running from the house and his feelings.
“Lucky Charm! You will stop making my feet stop this instead!” yelled Shane.
I looked up at him and glared. He sounded just like dad when he got mad. By looking at him like that he knew what I was thinking.
“Don’t glared at me, I just don’t want to loose you Luc,” whispered Shane, “and I don’t talk like dad.”

Oh yes you do! However, at the sound of that my heart stops at the sight of this. Shane, my owner, my best friend, my brother, was about to cry his eyes out for me. At that moment I made him run to the house, and face dad with the tears on his eyes. Dad looked up and stopped, He didn’t know what to say or do, but somehow he put himself together, clear his throat and ask, “Is Luc that important to you?”
Shane looked at his dad and replied, “Yes!”
“Then Lucky Charm isn’t going to leave this house.”
“Yeah but this tape is. God this is priceless! The amazing Shane crying over a shoe,” laughed Rikku whiled holding a black video camera, which was recording.
“Rikku give me that!” yelled Shane while chasing after Rikku.
“Not a chance bro!”
Like always Rikku always gets back at Shane for all he does to her. The bad thing is when she gets back at him it’s not pretty.
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