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Mic's Corner Saying what I want to say.

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Q&A with Micamino!
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Your name? Rodrigo (aka Rick)

Your Nickname(s)? Michu

Birthday? March 21st

How old are you? Twenty one

How old do you act? Depends ^^ I can go from gamer kid to responsible adult.

Sexual orientation: Straight

Hometown? San Salvador, but currently living abroad.

Height? 6' 2" / 188 cms

Eye color? Light brown/hazel.

Hair color? Black

Any piercings? Nope none.

Any tattoos? Nope. But thinking about it.

Screen name? Micamino, RoJa

Your car? Actually the subway. Not much need of a car in this city. But having one would be nice.

First crush's name? Linda

Zodiac? Aries. The zodiac starts with me.


Store? Pick and Save xd

Food? Anything Salvadoran *drools*

Non-alcoholic drink? Orange juice, apple juice, Sprite/7UP

Alcoholic drink? Vodka, beer then rum.

Sport? Football (aka Soccer on this side of the world)

Color? Green, red, black.

Television show? Friends, Two and a half men, Supernatural...

Movie? Casablanca, Die Hard, Pulp Fiction and Kingdom of Heaven.

Ice cream flavor? Mint chocolate chip.

Season? Spring

City? San Salvador, all my best friends are there.

Actor? Bruce Willis

Actress? Rachel Weisz

Beer? Pilsener

Band? Pearl Jam, Metallica, Link Park, Mana, Heroes del Silencio

Song? "Waste my hate" - Metaillica / "Is this love" - Whitesnake

Flower? Lilacs.

Things to do when you're bored? Watch movies, listen to music, read, get on Gaia.

Tamed animal? Dogs.

Wild animal? Bears

Fruit? Banana

Vegetable? Carrots

Pizza topping? Sausage, onions, mushrooms.

Car? Jeep Wrangler!!! and on a more exotic taste: Aston Martin DB9.

Magazine? MensHealth

Book? The Lord of the Rings ^^

iPod? Nope.

Restaurant? Don't have one really.

Fast food restaurant? Quizno's.

Holiday? All of them ^^ As long as I get a day off.


Righty or Lefty? Righty

Apples or Oranges? Apples

Hugs or Kisses? Both

Television or Computer? Computer. More things to see and to do.

Cats or Dogs? Dogs, I don't like cats.

Liberal or Conservative? Leaning towards Liberal.

Chocolate or Vanilla? Chocolate.

Truth or Dare? Truth, it's much more dangerous.

Hot or Cold? Hot.

Summer or Winter? Summer, I love the beach.

Showers or Baths? Both

Pepsi or Coke? Coke!

Morning or Night? Weekdays: Morning. Weekends: Night

Sunset or Sunrise? Sunrise

Flowers or Candy? Candy


Write with both hands? Not really.

Whistle? Yup

Blow a bubble? Yup

Cross your eyes? Yup

Roll your tongue in a circle? Yup

Touch your tongue with your nose? Nope.

Stay up the whole night without sleep? Yes, I actually do that every semester during finals.

Speak a different language? Yes! Spanish, and bit of French and Portuguese

Impersonate someone? Yeah I can do a few.

Prank call people? Not anymore.

Make a card pyramid? Yes but not so tall.

Cook anything? Psh... you bet your a** I can!


Been in love? Yes

Been dumped? Big time

Dumped someone? Like a ton of bricks

Had your heart broken? Yes...

Gotten drunk? You bet!

Done drugs? Some, nothing hard core.

Smoked? Yup. But only if I'm drinking.

Gone skinny-dipping? Yup.

Sat on a rooftop? Yup and even through water balloons.

Kissed someone in the rain? Yes, and a little bit more.

Danced in public? Yup.

Smiled for no reason? There's always a reason for that.

Cried for no reason? No.

Laughed so hard you cried? Definitely.

Peed your pants after age 8? Sadly... yes. But I was so wasted I forgot I had to have my back to the wind.

Written a song? No.

Sang in public? Yup! Big time Karaoke fan!

Performed on stage? Yes, I've been in a few plays actually.

Talked to someone you don't know? All the time

Gone out of your way to befriend someone? If I think that person is worth it, yes.

Made out in a theater? Yes.

Stolen anything? Yes and I always take stuff from the office. You can never have enough staples.

Been in detention? Yeap. For fighting with another.

Suspension? Yup... for the reason previously stated.

Been beaten up? Not beaten up, just beat. Once.

Beaten someone else up? Yup.

Kissed three people in one night? ... yeah. Don't believe me? Too bad.

Lied to the one you love? Yes.

Been on television? Yes.

Been on the radio? Yes.

Died your hair? Nope.

Did a cartwheel? Yup

Shot a gun? Yup.

Played frisbee? Every weekend.

Caught a frisbee in your mouth? o.0' No...

Had a pet snake? Nope

Mooned someone? lol... I haven't! It's on my to-do list.

Been mooned? Sadly, yes.

Went out with friend's ex-boyfriend or girlfriend? No, that's just wrong. Guy rules first.

Fell down the stairs? Who hasn't?

Cursed at your teacher? Yes... but not to their face. Lame I know.

Trespassed? Yup

Played truth or dare? Yup.

Dressed in clothes of opposite sex? Yes... but in my defense I was in a play.

Had a crush on your teacher? Yes... good memories.

Faked being sick? Yeah. Who hasn't?

Cried during a movie? Yeah... but don't tell anyone.

Been in a car accident? Several

Had an online relationship? Yep. I guess sometimes it's not necessary to have physical contact to feel a connection with someone.

Tried to commit suicide? Yup. Dark chapter was dark.

Purposly harm yourself or others? Yeah but they had it coming.


God? Yes

Heaven? Yes.

Hell? Yes. If you believe in one, you gotta believe in the other.

Love at first sight? No, you gotta work at love. Lust at first sight, yes.

Soulmates? No, I believe in 2 people trying hard to always love each other, even when things are all ******** up.

Fate? Kinda. I think some things are just meant to happen.

Miracles? Yes. I've seen quite a few.

Other People? Just a few, not all.

Yourself? ********

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