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DJ Twissta
Community Member
After really observing what goes on Gaia from a different point of view.
I don't see how people take it so seriously.
The gold isn't real, the items aren't real. So why "monitor your gold spenidngs" ( I saw a thread like that o-o ) or how much your worth?
to me a person's worth is how much they helped someone/people.
How many times they made someone laugh/smile or have a good day.
That's how I determain someones wealth. not By fake currency or pixels , or join date or how they type xD they arrogance of some users. I've always said this
a n00b is a arrogant user. nothing more , nothing less.
doesn't matter how old, how "rich", or "poor" or how literate they are. or how long they've been on Gaia. or how they dress.
This has been what I've observed lately from a different point of view. although this has been going on along time. what's scary is how long it takes you to realize it.
about to be gone sunday-friday :3 mission trip to de la ghetto haha!
I hope you guys don't encounter alot of arrogant users, but if you do, just walk away from them. they're not worth the time and effort.
I hope you guys have a great day! and if your not, I hope you keep on hoping.
Or atleast hoping for something worth hoping in. :3

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Saga Takashi
Community Member

Sat Jul 25, 2009 @ 04:34am

I understand how you feel

To me
it is not the worth of user
It is their personality and how they treat others.
If you are kind, then you are the best kind of Gaian.

Please take care where ever you go!

DJ Twissta
Community Member

Sat Jul 25, 2009 @ 04:42am

wow people actually read and listen to my status! haha
aww thankyou! I hope you have a great weekend ;D

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