yes i am a gurdain angel now but i dono whos gurdian angel so now im fusterated but it's ok cuz i will be varry humble to be someones gurdain angel ^.^.i hope i findout whos gurdian angel i am.i even have a theemsong now!it's called your gurdain angel!!that song rules!!i hope i finde my human to wach over cuz im also a ninja a hot ninja!!!XD anyway so i am varry busy most of the time with the waching over ppl and the human i am a gurdian angel to but i have no time now cuz i can't findout whos gurdian angel i a so can someone help me here!!!!?????
well i have to get back to looking so gd bye for now and hope u injoy my poems aswell cuz once i finde my gurdian angel i'll make a poem for him/her biggrin so if u need a gurdian angel please come to me or pm me for one.thax biggrin