pray the wish on a wishing star,go to sleep then wakeup hoping my wish would come true but alas as another fate that i shal not have the wish i disire even thou i have wished it for many months on end.if ony if only i could get my wish i say aftur the day has ended,so i pray even more and i wish even harder asking for the thing i disire the most.but it still has not come true.but all of a sunden i start to have weerd feelings for my best friend connor,so i think to myself what am i thinking?he is my best friend.we r like rother and can something like this happen but then i remember all the times he helped me out and pertected me.then i and all this time i was so blinde i didnt even notice we r ment to be closer then ever,so i try and hangout with him more and more and i end up falling on my face finding out he just thinks of me as his friend.what a tragity.why is this life so sad rightnow.but whait.i have it pritty if i couold have any wish in the world it would have to be the best person in the world and to have a gtrate family.^.^