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Hey babe< 3 My ******** lovely life< 3

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blah :P
my boring life (went over half way thorugh 8th grade)

i wanna go to school but i dont

reasons i dont wanna go-

-back pack looks gay (tip never let your grandma choose ur backpack or pretty


-janie isnt gonna be there, his name is jacob but i call him janie. he ish the bestest

friend in the world. everyone says i like him cuz were really close but its not like

dat hes just PURE AWESOMNESS!!!!!!!! him nd me r the only ones in school that

scream pink llamas in the middle of class. he isnt coming back to school cuz ppl

called hhim gay and made fun of him. ******** tards D: ok this reason is getting long

so ima end it HERE

( He ended up coming back for a week but left again for the same reason )

-scared of embarassment. im scared im gonna do something embarassing like

walk into the wrong class or something like that (Justin Bieber ringtone went off in

class, only embarassing thing ALL year)

-dont rlly wanna see satiera (the most popular prettiest girl in the school. i hate her

cuz she acts nice but she hates me cuz this guy she likes, likes me.)

(I dont even know who that guy was , Satieras a good friend of mine now(: She was

never a jerk hahaha)

-1 hr of computer a day sad (computer ended up breaking)

-not allowed to text in class (moronic teachers) ( STILL DID)

reasons i wanna go

-gonna see my friends (not janie sad )

-homework!!! (im weird get over it!) ( I was a nerd dont blame me)

-i get to hang out with dakota <3 if im lucky wink (ewweeey never did hang out with


-library (i may be weird but im the coolest weirdo ull ever meet) (Aint dat the truth( smile

- i get to see boys fall head over heels for me and mee bestie martina (haha)

(WOW I was REALLY conceded ahaha)

-7th grade!!!!!!

- idk y but the drama at school is amusing smile

also, HI NORA!!!! HI BECCA!!!!!!

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Poptarts x3
Community Member

Mon Aug 17, 2009 @ 03:39am

lmao oh heyyyyyyyyyy

Community Member

Mon Aug 17, 2009 @ 03:52am

omg once i think it was 6th grade my grama got the scariest outfit 4 me.
i can't even tell u wht it rlly looked like (i wld die) but my mom made me wear it 2 skool X_X then she got me these throw-up green fuzzy tennies 0_0.

nd im sry bout ur fwend D; thts never rlly happend 2 me b4 but this awesome guy (4got his name, its been a while omg i cant believe i 4got Dx) he was obsessed w/ hello kitty like me nd we were helllo kitty buddies mrgreen . there's this gurl alyssa shes crazy insane nd totally awesome XD becca told me 1 time tht she made every1 sing there ABC's in math class rlly loud xD Mr. White was frickin POed xDDDD

i've walked in2 the rong class like about 10 times >.< its embarrassing @ 1st cuz every'1 like : "wtf this ishn't ur class!". yeah. blahz xp but after tht evey1 4gets bout it.

popular girls? -.- omg the abercrombie nd fitch obsessers? been there. idk y.. but they h8 me! gonk idk they just dont -shrugg- i mean im a known person in my skool (from tht time becca wore a white wig 2 skool -.-) but im not in the megga popular crowd.

yea ppl text each other @ lunch @ my skool. we're nawt supposed 2 have our cell phones, supposed 2 keep em in our lockers nd off. but most of us just put em on silent nd in our pockets xDD its funny but our skool doesn't have cell phone reseption cept in the bathrooms hah

nd HAIII! biggrin

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