I,Layluna YinLee Shadow,am going to start cosplaying on Gaia!!!!If you have a character you'd like to see me show up in towns as,send me a picture of the character and,if you want to,go to and go to Dream Avatars.Make a copy of it and send me that too.If not,I'll be doing this all on my own (Bwahahaha!!!)
I'll post the dream avis I've made here in my Journal so you can see them and help me claim my place as Gaia's Cosplayer.If you want to donate,send it as a gift and put "For the Cosplay" on it.If it's gold,send me a PM before you send it and I'll get you an item for your troubles.Thank you and Happy Cosplaying!!!!

Gaia's Future Cosplayer-
Layluna YinLee Shadow